War Veteran’s Stolen Medals Replaced By Student

In Avis, New Jersey 90-old Jack Morris and 22-year old Allison Eyres have become inseparable. Their bond is so deep that when Morris was recently robbed of his World War II service medals Allison replaced them all.

Their’s is not a love story. Allison simply loves history, and Jack Morris is living history. When they initially met Allison learned that Jack put fuses into bombs during WWII. He’s been telling her his stories ever since.

CBS News interviewed the two about their unique friendship that led to Allison’s unique gift. Allison says she knew had to write down Jack’s stories after the first one. For years she would copy his words into a notebook.

One day Jack came in with a sad story. Someone broke into his house while he slept and stole his war medals. He tells CBS News:

“They went in through here, and started stealing whatever they felt like they wanted to take. Why would they want to take that? I cherished them, just the memories.”

Allison then recounts:

“He said to me, ‘I really miss my medals.’ And, that day I decided I was going to get them back. So I started doing some research. I said, ‘Jack, point out to me — what were the medals that you had?’ I was trying not to make it obvious.”

Using photos she found in military magazines Allison was able to track down a replacement for each medal.

Jack couldn’t be more grateful:

“I could thank her a thousand times, but that wouldn’t be enough.”

A good deed could not go to a more deserving man. Our veterans deserve to be honored, and when Jack faced one of the greatest dishonors Allison made sure to bring that honor back.