Bam Margera’s Mom Is Putting The Famous ‘Castle Bam’ On Airbnb

Bam Margera’s West Chester, Pennsylvania, home, also known as “Castle Bam,” is currently going under renovation as part of a plan to list his property on Airbnb.

For over a month, Bam’s mother, April Margera, has been working hard to rehab the property with a two-man crew with hopes to list the house for rental by early summer, according to the daily news outlet, the Philadelphia Inquirer.

“Castle Bam” was made famous after it was seen by millions on MTV’s Viva La Bam in the early 2000s. The house resides at 435 Hickory Hill Road in West Chester.

Jackass fans may recall that many of the show’s antics took place inside or in the surrounding areas of “Castle Bam.” Back in 2004, Margera dedicated an entire episode to moving into the house. Margera promptly painted most of the house purple and installed unique amenities, including a pirate bar, which is now being redesigned for the summertime renovation.

“I don’t know about anybody else, but I’m over the purple.”

In 2004, Margera bought the house for $1.2 million, according to West Chester public records. The property is 4,200 square feet, has a total of five bedrooms, three bathrooms, and resides on 14 acres of land, according to a real estate listing from 2003.

Currently, “Castle Bam” is home to an indoor skatepark, a swimming pool, and a band practice space used by CKY. Bam’s brother, Jess, is the drummer for the band.

According to Bam’s mom, April, the house will no longer resemble the television show set.

“It’s not going to look like the show set… but there are a lot of amenities there that people might be interested in in this area.”

In preparation for the arrival of Bam’s first son, Phoenix Wolf, he and wife, Nicole Boyd, moved about six miles away. Since then, items from Viva La Bam‘s 40-person production team had been left behind in addition to items left behind by touring bands and friends who had used the house over time.

April said that cleaning up the mess is a major part of the renovation.

“There are ‘heartagrams’ all over the place, and I don’t know what to keep and what not to.”

The “heartagrams” April refers to was Bam’s signature logo, which combined both a heart and a pentagram. The logo was formerly used by the Finnish rock band, HIM. The home renovation has been grueling, so much so, that April said, she believes all the sanding and cleaning gave her laryngitis.

April said that Bam’s decision to leave “Castle Bam” was a smart one because it wasn’t a “good situation for him.”

April said that for Bam, it was almost like he was living on the set of the television show.

“… And the whole show left and he was left behind… I told Bam it might be a bad idea to sell it right now. He’s got a little son, and he might want to see it one day. As long as you can kind of rent it out, it will help pay taxes, and that’s about it.”

April plans to style the space with renovated furniture and decor from Rose Hip Barn, a business that she launched back in 2011. In addition to showing off home decor, guests will also be able to buy items during their stay.

April said that Margera has been living in California, where he was arrested and charged with a DUI earlier this year.

Bam then checked into a rehab facility, but recently visited his family back home during Easter.

Back in December of 2017, Bam Margera and his wife, Nicole Boyd, welcomed their first child together, a little boy named Phoenix Wolf Margera.

Bam and Nikki, who were married in Reykjavik, Iceland, in 2013, had long settled on a name before their son entered the world. The couple revealed to People magazine three months ago that “the name Phoenix just kind of followed” he and wife “around.” Bam added, “I said it and everybody liked it, so we stuck with that.”

Margera first met his wife at the Phoenix Theater in Petaluma, California. This is the same place his brother’s band, CKY, was performing. In addition to this, the group’s 2017 album was titled, The Phoenix.