1 Million Facebook Likes Can Get You Laid In Norway

Apparently, 1 million Facebook Likes can get you laid in Norway. The idea first started when two 20-year-old friends, Petter Kverneng and Cathrine Johansen, saw the Facebook viral picture that said two sisters would be allowed by their dad to get a dog if there picture managed to get 1 million Facebook Likes. The girls have since chosen their puppy and the two Norwegians decided to post a sign on Facebook claiming they would have sex with each other if the image earned 1 million Facebook likes.

With the puppy picture the people were holding up a sign that read, “if I get a million likes, papa will buy me a dog.” In this case, on Facebook Petter Kverneg is holding a sign that says, “Cathrine says that I can get of 1 m likes, she will have sex with me. Please share and like.” During the night, the viral picture took off completely and by Friday afternoon the photo had spread worldwide, earning over a half million Facebook Likes.

“It was meant as a joke for our group of friends,” Kverneng told the Norwegian publication Verdalingen.no. “I had guessed that we’d got a hundred likes but now, we have half a million.”

Petter also says the pair’s friendship stems from knowing each other from high school and have never maintained a romantic relationship. He says they haven’t had a chance to talk much since posting the picture since Petter has been busy at work. The number of Facebook Likes have since passed the 1 million mark, but earlier Petter speculated about what they may do in the face of such an overwhelming response:

“People say that I have half a lie, but I do not know what to do if there are a million. We will probably be able to honor this bet in any way. For my part I see no reason to sneak away, but maybe she would rather not.”

Keep in mind this is an automatic translation from Norwegian to English. Almost 30,000 people have replied to the picture as it has been shared all over Facebook. Earlier, Petter responded to the controversy surrounding the photo, highlighting the crass nature of some of the comments:

“Some realize this is a joke, but many people write a lot of bad comments, too. I’m impressed at how creative people are when they yell at Facebook. There is no end to how pathetic we are in many people’s eyes.”

What do you think about how social media is affecting society? Do you think that the 1 million plus Facebook Likes should play any role at all in their continuing relationship?