Chief Keef Sentenced To 60 Days In Juvenile Detention Center

Rapper Chief Keef has been sentenced to 60 days in a juvenile detention center for violating his probation.

Judge Carl Anthony Walker said that Keef, who was put on 18-month probation after pointing a gun at a Chicago police officer, violated his parole by firing a gun at a New York gun range last summer. Keef was filmed shooting the gun during a promotion for his music.

Keef apologized for the incident today in court.

The 17-year-old rapper said:

“I’m sorry for all the wrong I have done … I just want you to know I can do (better) … I am a very good-hearted person. I am sorry for anything that I have done wrong. … Give me a chance.”

Assistant State’s Attorney Jullian Brevard argued that Keef has already been given plenty of chances. According to Brevard, Keef, real name Keith Cosart, already has two drug arrests on his record.

Brevard said:

“He’s been given ample opportunities to stop this behavior.”

Judge Walker seemed to agree as he said that Keef showed “willful disregard” for the court before he handed down his 60-day sentence.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Keef became the focal point during a murder investigation last Summer when one of his rap rivals, Lil Jojo, was gunned down in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago. Keef sent out a taunting tweet after Jojo’s death. Neither Keef, nor any of his rap allies, have been charged with any wrongdoing in Jojo’s death.

50 Cent, who appeared on Chief Keef’s Finally Rich album, told MTV that he is continually amazed by Keef’s talent but he’s worried about the young rapper’s legal issues.

50 Cent said:

“With Chief Keef, it’s unfortunate to hear that he’s actually locked up. I feel bad, because I feel like I knew that was gonna happen. I knew what continues to happen afterwards if you let it spiral out of control.”

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