Ivanka Trump Wears Provocative Suit With Nothing Underneath In New Hampshire Town Hall, Reports ‘Express’

Win McNameeGetty Images

Ivanka Trump joined Steve Mnuchin in New Hampshire yesterday on a day trip to discuss taxes. The two have been on a tour around the country to promote the new tax reform her father signed last year.

Express reports that the daughter of the President wore a sexy suit with nothing underneath. The former model wore an all-black ensemble with a chest-baring black suit. Ivanka, 36, wore a black pantsuit and heels as well as a stylish $1,500 gold belt.

The mother of three let her blonde hair flow down to her shoulders as she addressed the crowd in the New Hampshire town hall event.

Last week, Ivanka took part in a press conference in Lima, Peru. The fashion designer wore a beige jacket embraided with birds standing on branches. The wife of Jared Kushner went to the event to empower women in Latin America, reports the Daily Mail.

Ivanka paired the stylish jacket with cream tweed $ 1,850 Proenza Schouler dress.

Last year in March, Ivanka began serving in the Trump presidential administration.

Due to her unpaid position, ethics concerns were raised about the President’s daughter having access to classified material while not being a federal employee.

She was considered part of the president’s inner circle before becoming an official employee in his administration.


Ivanka Trump eventually took on a more formal White House role — with a title but no salary as an Advisor to the President.

Her husband Jared Kushner had his access to secret material downgraded as the result of a White House review of security procedures earlier this year. This change ends Donald Trump’s son-in-law’s access to top-secret intelligence.

Jared and Ivanka married in 2009 after a brief breakup and they share three children.


Ivanka has a close relationship with her father Donald Trump. The President has praised his daughter on numerous occasions.

Ivanka has defended her father against allegations of sexual assault stating that she believes her father and called the question asked by NBC News about the allegations inappropriate.

President Trump has been accused of sexual assault by about 15 women. Trump is also in a legal battle with adult actress Stormy Daniels, which Ivanka has not commented on.