‘Roseanne’: Johnny Galecki Returns, Brings Closure To Darlene & David Fans

The Roseanne revival finally gave the people what they wanted. The entire Conner family were all back together again in this week’s episode as actor Johnny Galecki returned to the role of David Healey.

According to an April 17 report by Pop Culture, Roseanne fans were excitedly awaiting David’s return, and the show didn’t disappoint. The episode started off with Darlene revealing to her mother that Harris was upset by the fact that David promised to see her on her birthday, but in past years had not shown up to celebrate the event. However, David did show up and crawled through Darlene’s window to talk to her.

David revealed to his wife that he had signed a lease on a home in Lanford and that he would be moving back to their hometown very soon. He also dropped a bombshell on Darlene, telling her that he had met a woman named Blue and that she had helped him learn a lot about himself, revealing that he was finally ready to give his wife a divorce. However, Darlene had other ideas, and Roseanne fans were stunned to see her kiss David.

The longtime couple ended up in bed together, and even decided to give their marriage another try. David left the Conner house through the window and promised to return that night to celebrate their daughter Harris’ birthday. Later, when Roseanne and Becky got wind of Darlene and David’s shocking hookup, they weren’t shy about telling Darlene they believed it was a terrible idea for her and David to get back together.


In the end, Darlene told a tearful David that their marriage wouldn’t work, and that she just couldn’t break the kids’ hearts by getting back together and splitting up again. Instead, Roseanne viewers watched Darlene tell her husband to get settled in his new home and work on being the best father he could possibly be. David promised to do just that and said an emotional goodbye to Darlene.

Since the Roseanne revival has officially been renewed for Season 2, fans are hoping that Johnny Galecki will continue to reprise his role as David Healey in future episodes.