Eric Greitens: Missouri Governor Embroiled In Sex Scandal Now In Even More Trouble

Jeff Roberson, FileAP Images

Missouri Governor Eric Greitens found out Tuesday that his political and legal problems are mounting even further, as the Show-Me State’s attorney general announced that he has uncovered “evidence of potential criminal acts of wrongdoing” by the first-term Republican, HuffPost is reporting.

On Tuesday, Attorney General Josh Hawley announced that his office had unlawfully used a list of Republican donors for his own purposes. The list was generated by the Mission Continues and allegedly improperly obtained and used by Greitens, according to Hawley.

“[Greitens] did all of this without permission of The Mission Continues. This is known as computer tampering. Given the value of the list in question, it is a felony.”

According to the Mission Continues’ website, the agency helps veterans find meaningful opportunities to help their communities once they’re returned from duty.

In fact, Greitens, himself a veteran, had long been considered a “superstar” by the veterans’ agency, according to an April 14 Saint Louis Post-Dispatch report. However, news of Greitens’ sex scandal and a previous criminal allegation (more on those in a couple of paragraphs) have left the agency feeling “shaken,” says Iraq War veteran Jay Breneman.

“We essentially have lost somebody who many people looked up to as a hero. I don’t see him coming back from that.”

Meanwhile, Hawley has announced that his office lacks the jurisdiction to prosecute Greitens for these alleged crimes and has turned over his evidence to the St. Louis County Prosecutor’s Office. What’s more, Hawley warned that the statute of limitations is running out and pressed Prosecutor Kim Gardner to act quickly.

In a statement provided to Jefferson City’s KMIZ-TV, Greitens came out swinging.

“Fortunately for Josh, he’s better at press conferences than the law. Anyone who has set foot in a Missouri courtroom knows these allegations are ridiculous. Josh has turned the ‘evidence’ he claims to have over to St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner— a liberal prosecutor funded by George Soros who allegedly suborned perjury, falsified documents, and withheld evidence. We will dispense with these false allegations.”

Tuesday’s allegations are just the latest in a mounting series of political and legal issues for the Governor. Greitens’ troubles began in January of this year. Just hours before St. Louis CBS affiliate KMOV-TV was to run a report on an alleged affair between Greitens and his wife’s hairstylist, Greitens publicly owned up to the allegations.

Those allegations were followed by reports that he may have committed criminal acts during the affair. As the Inquisitr reported in February, Greitens was indicted by a grand jury on charges related to invasion of privacy because he allegedly took nude photos of the woman without her permission. Then last week, as reported by the Inquisitr, a Missouri House Committee alleged that Greitens had blindfolded the crying woman and forced her to perform oral sex on him.

Meanwhile, some Missouri legislatures are considering beginning impeachment proceedings against Greitens, according to a report today in the Post-Dispatch. Greitens, for his part, continues to insist that he’s the victim of a political witch-hunt.