Mayor Bloomberg Says Gun Control Proposals ‘Probably’ Wouldn’t Have Stopped Newtown

New York City, NY – Mayor Michael Bloomberg admitted that the president’s gun control proposals “probably” wouldn’t have stopped Newtown. Despite the admission, Bloomberg still feels stricter gun laws may benefit public safety.

During the interview with Anderson Cooper of CNN, Mayor Bloomberg had this to say:

“That’s probably true, a woman had guns, it wasn’t her son. I don’t know if she went through a background check but the son certainly didn’t, he took his mother’s guns and killed people. Bloomberg added, “That doesn’t mean having fewer guns around isn’t a good idea.”

The NYC mayor has been a vocal supporter for new gun control laws. Since the Sandy Hook massacre Michael Bloomberg has been making headlines with his gun ban suggestions. Mayor Bloomberg has called for “military style” assault weapons ban, CNN notes. The politician also supports a ban on high-capacity magazines and more thorough background checks.

Bloomberg feels that most Americans support background checks for every gun sale, according to interview excerpts republished by The Blaze. Some gun rights advocates are concerned what such a law would mean to personal sales. Some advocates also wonder if a new law would end guns being willed to relatives. Bloomberg stated a background check law would be easier to pass than a gun ban.

The mayor also stated that President Obama’s proposal was comprehensive. The NYC official noted that he wanted “things” Obama could do my executive order. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Vice President Joe Biden addressed gun control during a meeting with the nation’s mayors earlier this week.