Barbara Bush Dies After Cruel Death Hoax Is Spread By Website Purporting To Be CNN (Update)

Former first lady Barbara Bush is the latest victim of an internet death hoax. Amid reports that the 92-year-old wife of George H. W. Bush is in failing health, a fake news website pretending to be CNN reported that Barbara Bush has died.

UPDATE: Former first lady Barbara Bush died one day after death hoax, read more here.

The bogus news site is designed to look like CNN to trick unsuspecting viewers to click the website, reports Heavy. The domain of the fake news website, which you can view here, also has CNN included in its name and the false report stated that Bush has died at the age of 92.

The website is responsible for several celebrity death hoaxes that have spread across social media — particularly Facebook.

Today reports that the mother of George W. Bush is in good spirits as well-wishes pour in following the news of her condition.

Many tributes are being released, including one from former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who praised her leadership ability. Hillary Clinton, who succeeded her at first lady, thanked the ailing former first lady for her kindness.

Barbara Bush is not dead and is in Texas with her husband spending time with her family.

The death hoax got a huge reaction on social media with many users sharing the fake news and sending their condolences to the former first lady.

Sam Feist of CNN took to Twitter to clear up the rumor that the news organization is reporting the 92-year-old’s death.

Barbara Bush created a foundation to promote family literacy and advance the cause of worldwide literacy.

Many credit Barbara for the political rise of her family by campaigning for her husband George H. W. Bush and son George W. Bush, who also became president. She also spoke for her other son Jeb Bush during the 2016 presidential election.

The former first lady took on literacy as her cause during her eight-year tenure due to her grandson Neil Bush’s difficulty with it. Neil Bush tearfully revealed that his grandmother is unable to walk, and he is reading to her while she takes phone calls from family and friends.

Bush is currently battling congestive heart failure among other illnesses and is no longer seeking further treatment.

Barbara Bush is alive and reportedly in good spirits. CBS also made the error of temporarily publishing Barbara Bush’s obituary but quickly deleted the article, which was marked “Do not publish.”