New Obama Portrait Shows Gray Hairs, Big Smile

President Obama will be starting his second term with a few more grey hairs. The official portrait for Obama’s second term was unveiled by the White House a few days before his second inauguration.

The Huffington Post reports that the portrait was taken on December 6 by White House photographer Pete Souza.

Obama’s portrait in 2009 was the first Presidential portrait taken with a digital camera.

Deputy spokesman Josh Earnest unveiled the photo on Twitter:

“Check out the new official POTUS portrait—just in time for the Inauguration.”

Obama has a bigger smile than he did in 2009, but he may just be trying to compensate for the aging effects he’s endured after four years in office.

Of course, Obama may be smiling because he’ll be entering his second term with 51 percent of the country standing behind him. A new poll recently said that 51 percent of American adults approve of Obama’s performance.

It isn’t the greatest number (worse than Clinton and Reagan but better than Bush), but Obama seems relatively happy at the start of his second term.

Here’s Obama’s new Presidential portrait.

obama portrait

Here’s his portrait from 2009.

obama portrait

What do you think of the new Obama portrait? Can you tell that four years as President has aged him?