‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Season 4 Premiere: Could John’s Laura Be The Same One From ‘The Walking Dead’?

Elizabeth WeinbergAMC

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the Season 4 premiere episode of AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead. Please proceed with caution if you have not already viewed this episode and wish to avoid spoilers.

It was a big night of television for zombie fans. AMC aired the finale of The Walking Dead and stepped straight into the Season 4 premiere of Fear the Walking Dead thanks to Morgan (Lennie James) taking a long walk from Virginia to Texas.

When the new Fear character John Dorie (Garret Dillahunt) told Morgan he was looking for a woman called Laura, some fans took to Twitter to wonder if this Laura was the same one from Negan’s group in The Walking Dead.

Morgan hasn’t yet made a mention of knowing anyone by that name to John. However, it is unclear whether Morgan would even know of Laura. And, if he did know her by sight, he likely wouldn’t know her name. If this is the case, it might be a delicious Easter egg for fans if this theory turns out to be correct.

As Variety points out, John was quick to reveal his backstory in the Season 4 premiere of Fear the Walking Dead. Therefore, fans already know that John lived alone in a cabin at the start of the outbreak. A woman called Laura then turned up on his doorstep, and they became involved. At some point after that, the pair was separated and John has been looking for her ever since. We also know that the pair has the zombie apocalypse equivalent of joint best friends’ necklaces: matching guns.

So, could this Laura be the same one from Negan’s group?

Little is known about Laura (Lindsley Register) from the Saviors, in regard to her life prior to joining them. The only information that can be gleaned about her is from her appearances in The Walking Dead. And most of that revolved around her helping Negan in his attempt to bring down Rick’s group.

AMC's 'Fear the Walking Dead,' Laura, as seen in Episode 8, Season 8 of 'The Walking Dead'
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In theory, if Morgan traveled from Virginia to Texas, it is possible Laura could have made the same trip in reverse. In fact, it is even possible John’s cabin wasn’t even in Texas, and they may have lived closer to Virginia initially.

While there has been no confirmation either way from cast or crew from either show, it is possible John’s Laura will be explored further in an upcoming episode of Fear the Walking Dead. IMDb lists Episode 5 by the title of “Laura” and supplies the following synopsis.

“The arrival of a wounded visitor in John Dorie’s life forces him to change his ways.”

Zap2It also supplies the same information. It is unclear where this information has been obtained from as AMC has not yet officially announced this title and synopsis, so fans will just have to tune in to further episodes of Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 to find out if these two Lauras are the same.

Fear the Walking Dead returns to AMC on Sunday, April 22, at 9 p.m. ET. Zap2It lists the following synopsis for Episode 2, titled “Another Day in the Diamond.”

“A troubled survivor finds allies in an unexpected place; the life Madison has fought to build comes under threat.”