Mandy Moore Of 'This Is Us' Celebrates Huge Accomplishment With New Tattoo

This is Us star Mandy Moore has recently fulfilled a lifelong dream that prompted her to commemorate the accomplishment with a new tattoo. Mandy took some of her friends, including Chase Weideman and her husband-to-be, Taylor Goldsmith, on a climb up the highest mountain in Africa.

Moore wanted something special to document her fulfilled goal of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. People shared that Mandy did so by getting her second foot tattoo to always remember the experience and all that they accomplished on the climb. Moore went to Winter Stone Tattoo located in Los Angeles with fellow climber Chase Weideman to get their matching ink.

The tattoo parlor they chose specializes in black and gray ink tattoos, which is perfect for Mandy's new design. Moore and Weideman will now remember their momentous climb with an outline tattoo of the world famous volcano in Tanzania.

They both shared photos of their new ink on social media with sentimental captions. Mandy took to Instagram with her new tattoo and said, "The mountain. Forever commemorated. Thank you @winter_stone for the reminder of what we accomplished. #kilimanjaro."

Weideman also shared his new ink on Instagram. He shared of the time they spent on the mountain, referring to it as her or she and wrote how they survived on and off her. Chase went on to tell of the climb with his best friends and how now it will always be commemorated on his legs, which carried him to the top of the mountain.

Mandy revealed this successful climb had been on her bucket list since she was just 18-years-old. Mission accomplished, and now Moore has a constant reminder of her unforgettable experience. Even though her trip has since ended, Mandy is still reminiscing about the time she spent on the mountain and how simple life was during their climb.

As for Mandy's first foot tattoo, Us Weekly shared that it is a small drawing of a sperm inked forever on her foot. Moore says the tattoo came about 10 years ago when she was on tour. She got the tattoo with her band members as part of their inside joke about showering and what was and most definitely was not allowed while in the shower.

Now that Mandy is back from the hike, she isn't quite sinking back into reality just yet. This weekend, Moore set out on a road trip with her gal pals to celebrate her upcoming marriage. The girls were to travel up the coast of California, making numerous stops and having a blast along the way. Moore has been documenting parts of the weekend on social media.

There is no official word of when Mandy's wedding to Taylor will take place, however, Moore has said it will be a small, private gathering. She expressed she has never wanted a huge wedding. While nobody knows when the vows will happen, there is sure to be tons of photos shared after.

Mandy Moore along with the rest of the cast of This is Us will be returning this fall for the highly anticipated third season of the hit drama on NBC.