Surface Phone: Microsoft’s Rumored Hybrid Tipped For Modular Design, PiP Features, And Killer Camera

Microsoft will not be making a traditional handset for its latest mobile device, but the company is still set to release a machine that is expected to reinvent the smartphone industry. In this light, recent rumors of the Surface Phone, Microsoft’s upcoming re-entry into the competitive smartphone market, have been encouraging so far.

Considering that the Redmond-based tech giant is far too behind iOS and Android in the conventional mobile market, Microsoft needs to include attractive features and novel capabilities on its next handset. Considering rumors surrounding the Surface Phone and Andromeda today, it seems like Microsoft is ensuring that its next entry into the smartphone industry would be a surefire success.

The Surface Phone’s rumored capability to run full Windows 10 apps will likely be a key feature. In this regard, recent developments in the Windows 10 front, such as the recent debut of Netflix UWP’s picture-in-picture support, bodes well for the upcoming device, as noted by Surface-Phone.It. Rumors also point to the Surface Phone featuring a modular design, with the device being augmented with accessories that utilize a magnetic locking mechanism.

As noted in a report from Windows Latest, the Surface Phone, or Andromeda as some of the company’s fanbase currently dubs the device, might also be equipped with a powerful, industry-leading camera. Recent patents point to this, as documents have emerged that the Redmond-based tech giant is trying to design a unique camera for a yet-to-be-named mobile machine.

Rumors have pointed to the notion that the Microsoft Surface phone would feature a foldable design similar to the company’s canceled Courier concept. With this in mind, it appears like Microsoft is trying its best to design a camera system that would work with the concept’s hybrid form factor.

So far, the patents exhibit a male-female system or the utilization of a special hinge. Either way, the imaging sensor that Microsoft is planning for the upcoming handset will likely be no joke, considering the quality of the cameras in classic smartphones such as the Lumia 1020, which packed a 41-megapixel rear shooter.

The Microsoft Surface phone, or Surface Andromeda, will likely be foldable. Thus, features such as PiP for streaming services like Netflix would definitely be a game-changer for power users who would like to have full Windows 10 capabilities in a compact form factor.

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