Real Reason Why WWE Won’t Reveal Brock Lesnar’s Contract Length, According To ‘Rajah’

Most people weren’t expecting Brock Lesnar to walk out of WrestleMania 34 with the WWE Universal Title last weekend. It was rumored for several months that Roman Reigns would be winning the championship, and Lesnar would be departing the company after Mania. However, Brock defeated Roman and has signed another contract with WWE for an undisclosed amount of time, according to Rajah.

At the Greatest Royal Rumble event, Reigns will have another opportunity to capture the Universal Title from The Beast. There’s a lot of speculation that Lesnar’s deal was only extended through the event so he could drop the title to Roman in front of a more positive crowd. According to a new report from Rajah, that remains a possibility, but WWE officials don’t want the length of Brock’s deal to leak before the event.

Apparently, Brock Lesnar negotiated the extension with Vince McMahon directly. Although the contract is not just for one match, it’s possible that he may only work the upcoming event in Saudi Arabia before going back to UFC. WWE officials don’t want the fans to know the expiration date of Brock’s deal because then it will be obvious when he will drop the WWE Universal Title. They do not want that information getting out.

‘Could the Greatest Royal Rumble event be the end of Brock Lesnar’s WWE career?’

Heading into New Orleans, most people expected Lesnar to be finished after WrestleMania because it had been rumored for months that his contract was expiring after the show. WWE officials are trying to avoid a repeat of that situation because it’s still possible for him to return to WWE television after the Greatest Royal Rumble, but it would be more of a surprise since most people will believe he’s heading back to UFC.

It’s been rumored that WWE officials are planning for The Beast to face Bobby Lashley at SummerSlam in a few months. Brock still needs to wait at least six months before he can fight in the Octagon again because he needs to re-enter the USADA testing pool. However, it seems both companies are willing to share Lesnar going forward, but WWE officials are keeping most information about his future with the company close to the chest until after the Greatest Royal Rumble. If Brock drops the title, that could be the end of the line.

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