Brock Lesnar Has Informed WWE Officials That He Will Leave WWE After ‘WrestleMania 34’

With WWE SummerSlam approaching rapidly, the WWE Universe has been busy speculating about the card for the event and questioning who will challenge Brock Lesnar for the WWE Universal Championship at the biggest party of the summer. There’s been a lot of speculation about Brock dropping the title in a Fatal Four Way Match to Roman Reigns or Samoa Joe at the PPV, but some much bigger news has come to light today.

There have been some reports claiming that Brock Lesnar met with UFC officials earlier this month and he’s preparing for another fight with the promotion during their event at Madison Square Garden in November, but not everything you have heard is true. Lesnar will be re-entering the testing pool for the USADA and has to serve the rest of his suspension before fighting again, which means Brock isn’t available this November.

The WWE Universe has known for a long time that Brock Lesnar’s current deal with WWE will expire after WrestleMania 34 next year. There has been a lot of speculation regarding The Beast Incarnate’s future with the company, but a new report is claiming that Lesnar has told WWE officials he’s leaving WWE next year.

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WWE officials are preparing to lose their biggest draw after the grandest stage of them all next year. Since it is a realistic possibility that Lesnar won’t resign with the company, the powers that be are planning to do all they can to use his star power through WrestleMania 34. Along with the rumors of his UFC return, it’s being said that Brock Lesnar will be dropping the WWE Universal Title to Roman Reigns at WWE SummerSlam.

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If Brock Lesnar has informed WWE officials that he will leave the company in 2018, the powers that be are expected to use his star power to put over WWE Superstars over the next couple of months. Only John Cena and Bill Goldberg have successfully defeated Lesnar clean over the past five years. The Beast Incarnate will most likely be losing some big matches over the rest of 2017 and will have a massive match to end his run.

It’s still possible that WWE officials could offer Lesnar an even bigger contract to stay, but it’s likely that he won’t be exclusive to the company beyond early 2018. However, Brock Lesnar and WWE officials should be on good terms after his contract expires, which means the door would be open for short-term contracts or a match or two over the course of the year if their schedules can line up properly.

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