singNshock Alarm Clock Electrocutes You When You Hit ‘Snooze’ [Video]

Have trouble waking up in the morning? The singNshock alarm clock is here to help by electrocuting your chubby digits when they dare to strike the “snooze” button.

A lot of us treat our alarm clocks like “suggestions” rather than the accountability device they were designed to be. I, myself, strike the “snooze” button anywhere from five to 15 times each morning before crawling our of bed to deliver quirky news to your desktop or mobile device. But with singNshock, I’d be roused at an earlier hour when I strike “snooze” only to be hit with a jolt of electricity.

MSN reports that it’s not quite enough of a shock to cause any pain, just to wake you up. We’re dealing with microvolts with the singNshock, which is only a fraction of the 50,000 volts of a Taser.

The singNschock is the brain child of 19-year-old student Sankalp Sinha, who designed the alarm clock to get his derriere going for class each morning.

He’s already getting requests online for the device, though it’s not in production yet. His website states that he’s looking for collaborators and investors to help push the singNshock into the market. When it does eventually debut, it’s expected to sell for around $95.

Sinha also claims that the singNshock can help trigger neurological functions, but methinks that’s just fancy talk for “it will wake you up.”

Here’s a demo video for the singNshock. Does this look like something you need?

singNshock from Sankalp Sinha on Vimeo.