Former White House Photographer Jokes About Donald Trump Landing In Federal Prison

Steph Bazzle

As Donald Trump reacts to the investigation by Robert Mueller, a former White House photographer, known more recently for sharing photos of Barack Obama along with comparisons and cutting commentary toward the current POTUS, strikes again. On Friday, he added a new social media post, this one hinting that he expects Trump to face federal charges and prison time before all is said and done. Sharing a photo of Obama visiting a correctional facility during his presidency, Pete Souza declared him the first president to do so -- but doubted he'd be the last.

Souza, who released a book of photos last year celebrating former President Barack Obama, has made no secret of the fact that he holds a far lower opinion of Donald Trump, and he's developed a fan base who follow just for the anti-Trump commentary. He's previously trolled Trump with Time Magazine covers depicting Obama after Trump claimed to have been offered the magazine's Person of the Year award and often shares photos of Obama that are similar to current news about Trump but placing Obama in a more favorable light -- such as comparing Trump at an empty desk to the former president apparently busy at one covered in work.

With ongoing speculation about what Robert Mueller might uncover in his investigation and the offices of Trump's personal lawyer recently raided by the FBI, Souza offered up another jab.

"President Obama was the first sitting President (and probably not the last one) to visit a federal prison."

Though he didn't mention Trump by name, his fan base clearly understood the implication, commenting to compliment the "shade" thrown at President Trump.

The former White House photographer has been more direct with criticism at other times, recently addressing Trump's tweets about firing on Syria.

"President Obama in 2013 as he waited for a phone call with one of our allies to discuss the situation in Syria. He certainly didn't send out an impulsive tweet about the serious national security crisis."

This followed Donald Trump's tweets declaring that "nice, new, and smart" missiles would be coming.