Here’s A Shocker: Django Unchained Slave Toys Have Been Discontinued

Who would have thought that a group of Django Unchained action figures would fail to become run away hits.

The controversial toys were released just in time for the movies Christmas Day debut. Immediately upon there release the toys came under fire from various African American groups who called for their boycott.

Among groups attacking the toys were Al Sharpton’s National Action Network and Project Islamic Hope.

After various groups began attacking the toys as racist the team at the Weinstein Company chose to pull the action figures from production.

The toy manufacturer that produced the toys apologized for the toys, claiming that it never meant to offend anyone with the creation of the slave based action figures. The toys included both slaves and slave owners.

While the Django Unchained slave toys may be out of production they may soon become a collectors item. The toy company only produced approximately 1,000 dolls before it shut down production.

Django Unchained toys are not the only controversial part of the movies race baiting. Actor Jamie Foxx told a stunned SNL crowd that his favorite part of the movie was “killing white people.” Foxx would later go on to make several more racist comments of his very own.

Despite the racist undertones of the Django Unchained film moviegoers have flocked to the film, making Django the number one grossing debut of Quentin Tarantino’s career. The movie has already grossed more than $120 million domestically.

Do you think the Django Unchained toys were racist or just part of the movies original theme which heavily surrounds racism in the south?