Ivanka Trump Has A Very Specific Set Of Rules She Must Follow To Work For President Trump

Jeff J MitchellGetty Images

The role of the first daughter is usually simple. It requires a lot of smiling for the cameras, keeping up on school work and steering clear of trouble. But when it comes to Ivanka Trump, her duties stretch far beyond her role as the first daughter.

Not only does she have a lot more responsibility as a member of Donald Trump’s White House, but she also must follow a lot of rules to work for the president.

According to Cheat Sheet, Ivanka is required to submit financial disclosures to the ethics office. She tried to get around this rule when she first started working in Washington, but senators Elizabeth Warren and Tom Carper quickly put an end to that. In addition to filling the disclosure, Ivanka cannot work for any businesses associated with the Trump family as this would be a conflict of interest.

Ivanka is technically a government employee and is thus required to follow the same rules of ethics and records handling as her fellow co-workers. Although she was cleared to receive classified information from the government, she never got access to look at top secret documents. Even still, Ivanka is exposed to a lot of the inner workings in Washington as a close advisor to the president.

Ivanka’s official role is assistant to the president and her main duty is to advise President Trump on all matters of running the government. This means Ivanka is required to attend meetings with heads of state and represent her father’s interests whenever she travels abroad.

So far, Ivanka has met with some pretty important people in the world of politics, including Justin Trudeau of Canada and Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Apart from being Trump’s close advisor, Ivanka uses her position to advocate for a variety of issues facing the country. Ivanka has spoken out for movements like wage equality for women, better childcare access, reform in the education department, and women’s rights. For example, Ivanka supported Trump’s decision to extend maternity leave to six months for all employees.

Although Ivanka is busier than ever these days, she still keeps up with social media. She doesn’t post nearly as much as her father, but Ivanka does share images of her family every now and then.

For her husband Jared Kushner’s recent birthday, for example, Ivanka shared a throwback pic of when she was pregnant. The photo sparked a lot of rumors that Ivanka was pregnant because she forgot to mention that it was an old pic.

While Ivanka enjoys a lot of privileges as Trump’s daughter, she and her husband have suffered a lot of criticisms over the past year.

In fact, the two have been involved in some of Trump’s biggest mistakes during his first year in office. Despite all the scandals, author Ronald Kessler, who wrote The Trump White House: Changing the Rules of the Game, says that the president will not fire Ivanka or Kushner because they are family.

“Trump is aware of the problem, he has told them maybe they should go back to New York,” Kessler revealed, adding that Ivanka Trump and her husband “are not going to go anywhere because he is not going to fire a family member.”