‘Skyrim’ DLC Finally Headed To PC And Playstation 3 Next Month

After several long months of delays and disappointment, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim DLC is finally coming to Playstation 3 and PC next month.

As with most official announcements these days, news of the Skyrim DLC release arrived courtesy of Twitter. According to Kotaku, Bethesda’s own Peter Hines started spreading the good word this morning.

Hines explained that Dragonborn will be released for the PC on February 5. Playstation 3 Skyrim fanatics will get the DLC at an undetermined date later that month. Dawnguard and Hearthfire are also supposed to drop this February.

In order to get angry PS3 and PC fans to cough up their money for the downloadable packs, the company is offering them at a 50 percent discount during launch week.

The Skyrim DLC’s journey to the Playstation 3 is a long and frustrating tale for fans of Bethesda’s open world epic.

The Inquisitr reported last December that the company was making progress in porting the DLC to both Playstation 3 and PC. Although players are still waiting to get their hands on Dawnguard, Bethesda explained it wanted to focus on Dragonborn in order to prevent a similar delay.

The company explained:

“We’re hard at work to make this content available early next year on PS3 and PC. On PS3 in particular, we turned our attention to Dragonborn, as we thought it was the best content to release first, and we didn’t want folks to wait longer.

“Once it’s ready to go for everyone, we’ll continue our previous work on Hearthfire and Dawnguard for PS3. Each one takes a lot of time and attention to work well in all circumstances and all combinations of DLC. Once we have a better idea of release timing and pricing, we’ll let you know.”

If all goes according to Bethesda’s master plan, then Playstation 3 and PC users will be able to purchase new Skyrim DLC this February.