‘One Piece’ Chapter 901 Spoilers: Luffy Bids Farewell To Jinbe, Morgans Gives Major Hint On Next Pirate King

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One Piece Chapter 901 is yet to be officially released, but spoilers are already surfacing on the web. The upcoming chapter will show how the Strawhat Pirates manage to survive the powerful attack from Big Mom’s main ship and escape Whole Cake Island. Will Jinbe sacrifice himself to save Luffy and his friends from the hands of Charlotte Linlin?

In the spoiler posted at One Piece Forum, One Piece Chapter 901 will start with Big Mom finally finished eating the delicious wedding cake made by Sanji, Charlotte Chiffon, and Laddy Pudding. The cake didn’t only stop her tantrums but also helped her return to her normal body. With Big Mom coming back to her senses, she will once again try to capture the pirates who infiltrated her territory. Riding a little Homie wave, Big Mom chases the Strawhat Pirates, aiming to get Luffy’s soul.

One Piece Chapter 900 made most fans believe that Big Mom’s main ship succeeded to destroy the Thousand Sunny, the Strawhat Pirates ship. One Piece Chapter 901 spoilers revealed that the Sunny isn’t the one that got hit, but the Sun Pirates’ ship, a legendary ship made by Fisher Tiger. Before the enemy launched a powerful blow, Wadatsumi replaced Sunny with the Sun Pirates’ ship. Wadatsumi puts the Thousand Sunny inside his mouth and leaves the Whole Cake Island.

The Sun Pirates are formerly headed by Jinbe, an ex-Warlord who wanted to be a member of the Strawhat Pirates. They expressed their willingness to sacrifice themselves just to let their captain and the Strawhat Pirates escape from the Whole Cake Island. However, Jinbe doesn’t want to abandon the Sun Pirates. Instead of leaving Big Mom’s territory together with Luffy and his crew, Jinbe stayed and fought alongside other Fishmen.

Luffy stared at Jinbe and told him that he is his captain now. He ordered him not to die and said that he’ll wait for him in Wano. With the current situation, it remains questionable how Jinbe will manage to survive fighting one of the Four Emperors of the Sea. One Piece Chapter 901 hinted that the Whole Cake Island Arc is nearing an end, and Eiichiro Oda could finally give some glimpse of Wano Arc anytime soon.

One Piece Chapter 901 also gives a major hint regarding the next Pirate King. Morgans, the person in charge of the World Economic Journal, was featured in the chapter escaping together with Stussy riding in a balloon. During the conversation of the two Emperors of the Underworld, Morgans told Stussy that the next Pirate King will be from the “Worst Generation” in which Luffy was included.

One Piece Chapter 901 will be coming out soon.