The One That Got Away: Katie Cassidy Reveals She Turned Down The Chance To Date Prince Harry Four Years Ago

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Prince Harry may be officially off the market, but this doesn’t stop actress Katie Cassidy from spilling some interesting details about her once-in-a-lifetime encounter with the royal.

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, the 31-year-old Los Angeles native confessed that she almost dated Meghan Markle’s fiance in Miami back in 2014. The blonde beauty recalled how she declined Prince Harry’s offer to “hang out” during a fun night out.

According to Cassidy, she was vacationing with her friends at that time when Prince Harry came up to their group and started a small talk. Apparently, the royal was on his friend’s bachelor party when he invited the actress and her friends to join them.

During the encounter, Cassidy was reportedly single while Prince Harry had just broken up with his ex-girlfriend, Cressida Bonas.

The actress explained that she turned down the chance to hang out with the fifth in line to the British throne simply because she didn’t want to be photographed with him.

Cassidy reiterated that she has always been “on my own merit” type of girl, adding that she didn’t want to be known simply as David Cassidy’s daughter or “Harry’s girl.”

Although the actress declined Prince Harry’s offer at that time, she still has nothing but good words to say about him. In fact, Cassidy described Markle’s future husband as “wonderful and lovely,” adding that he even managed to greet her politely the next day.

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“He’s the loveliest, kindest person, honestly,” she gushed. “And also, the fact that my girlfriends and I were like, ‘Thank you so much, but no thank you, we’re not gonna party with you and your friends tonight’ — he was like, we saw him the next day at the pool and [he was] respect[ful]. Like, ‘You guys are cool. OK, we get it.’ And I was like, ‘Sorry!’”

With Cassidy’s revelations, many were quick to assume that Prince Harry was definitely the one that got away, especially now that he’s set to walk down the aisle soon. However, Us Weekly reported that the actress is now happily engaged to Matthew Rodgers and couldn’t be more excited about the royal’s upcoming wedding to Markle.

Meanwhile, preparations for Prince Harry and Markle’s nuptials are almost complete. Previously, the couple announced that they have decided to forgo wedding presents from their guests and ask them to donate to charities instead.

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According to People, Prince Harry and Markle personally chose seven charitable organizations that will receive the donations from their wedding guests and well-wishers.

Apparently, the American actress, 36, and the red-haired royal, 33, want to take the opportunity to help those in need and thank everyone for the “goodwill” they have shown to them.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are set to tie the knot on May 19 at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle.