NFL Rumors: Sam Darnold To Patriots In ‘Dream’ NFL Draft Trade With Browns, Per Colin Cowherd

The NFL Draft 2018 is a few weeks away and there are plenty of NFL rumors involving the top pick, one of which could see the New England Patriots make a trade. Colin Cowherd was recently speaking about his “dream draft” ahead of the real thing and mentioned the New England Patriots’ future. That picture involves the eventual loss of Tom Brady as their star quarterback, whether it’s to an injury or due to retirement. However, Cowherd believes they could solve that in the NFL Draft by making a huge trade.

On a recent episode of Fox Sports’ The Herd with Colin Cowherd, the outspoken sports commentator talked about what would go down in his dream NFL Draft situation. Cowherd prefaced the segment by saying these are draft picks he thinks “could happen” and that he’s heard some sources suggest reasons to believe some of these possibilities might happen in the draft. He immediately shocked the world after that introduction by suggesting that the New England Patriots might end up trading to get the No. 1 pick from the Cleveland Browns. With that pick, New England would opt to draft one of the best available quarterbacks with Sam Darnold out of USC.

While that NFL Draft scenario seems ridiculous when one first hears it, Colin explains that the Patriots have a plethora of draft picks between the first and second rounds, as well as later picks, and picks next year. All of those picks can be packaged to make a deal with the Cleveland Browns. Cowherd mentioned that Belichick likes the new general manager in Cleveland, and they respect one another, so that could facilitate the deal going down.

Why would they make the move, though? It’s suggested that Tom Brady may have cheated Father Time for a while but his retirement is nearing. In addition, the Patriots need a viable young backup quarterback in case he gets injured. The team dealt backups Jacoby Brissett to the Indianapolis Colts and Jimmy Garopollo to the San Francisco 49ers last year. Now with the future staring at them, it seems like Belichick just might pull the trigger on a major deal to keep this team competing once the Brady era has concluded.

At 6-foot-4 and 225 pounds, Sam Darnold would certainly make a great understudy for Tom Brady. Darnold put together back-to-back seasons in which he threw 25-plus touchdowns, with 246 or more completions. Over his two seasons as the starting QB at USC, he tallied 549-of-846 completions for 7,229 yards and 57 touchdowns with just 22 throws intercepted. He’s got plenty of upside in terms of his talent level and could easily become the next leader of the Patriots’ franchise. The main issue is that other teams have interest in acquiring that talent, including the New York Jets and New York Giants.

New England would need to make a bold move in order to set up a deal that Cleveland liked and have them draft Darnold at the top. While the Patriots haven’t made a huge splash at the NFL Draft in any recent seasons, it may be now or never for this team as this is looking like one of the best drafts in which to select a quality quarterback in the next few years.

They could trade up to somewhere in the top 10 or wait to pick later and get another quarterback like Oklahoma State’s Mason Rudolph. Or, the Patriots could go with Colin Cowherd’s dream scenario and ensure that they get the best of the best with the first overall pick. Sam Darnold may very well be putting on a Patriots’ jersey in the future if Cowherd’s fantasy draft comes to fruition.