Sleepy Bulldog Puppy Is Your Internet Xanax Of The Day

A sleepy bulldog puppy has temporarily soothed the angry internet this week, evaporating righteous anger and calming cranky commenter nerves by being all the adorable animal things the web loves.

Ignorant YouTube commenter? Sleepy bulldog puppy! Horrible mode? Sleepy bulldog puppy! Facebook flamewar? Sleepy BULLDOG PUPPY!

The sleepy bulldog puppy first made his appearance on Reddit in a thread simply titled “Aaaaaaand Relax.” As of now, the pup’s thread has just 106 comments but more than 2,000 upvotes, with all of the r/aww subreddit seemingly stopping to give karma to whoever posted the snorey wee pooch.

Among the Reddit comments on the adorable pic are the following:

“That’s the best example of savasana pose ever.”

“and english bulldogs continue to cement their place as the cutest of all dogs.”

“My testicles just turned into ovaries.”

“This dog very well could be dead. RIP OP’s dog.”

“Is he high? He seems to be chilling as hard as snoop doggy dogg.”

“Sorry, no time to upvote. Must get bulldog puppy. Now.”

“I do believe this dog is melting.”

“You dropped your bag of dog.”


“I didn’t know dogs came in the boneless variety.”

Redditor youarenowpromoted posted the sleepy bulldog puppy, but it’s not clear whether he or she is the doggie’s owner or a friend of the pet or if it was just a random internet pic posted for upvotes. But wherever sleepy bulldog puppy initiated from, the web certainly could use a shot of aww right now, and the gone-viral dog seems to be providing that.