Man Fatally Throws Baby Against Wall For Crying Too Much, Mom Says He Needs Parenting Classes

Dallas County Jail

A 25-year-old man claimed he did not realize his own strength when he threw an infant into a wall or that smothering him to stop him from crying could kill him.

Dallas News is reporting that Javeon Dalcour-Zuber was sentenced to 25 years in prison for the 2015 death of his son—Jayceon.

Javeon Dalcour-Zuber, who was convicted last week of injury to a child, a first-degree felony, claimed that all he wanted to do was stop his infant son from crying.

In an attempt to do so, Dalcour-Zuber forcefully yanked a blanket from under his two-month-old son, flinging his fragile body into a wall. The 25-year-old man also claimed he covered Jayceon to keep him quiet.

When emergency respondents were called to the family home in December 2015, they found little Jayceon unresponsive.

He had suffered a skull fracture and was not breathing.

Little Jayceon was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced brain dead and eventually taken off life support.


Numerous family members, including Jayceon’s mother, had testified on behalf of Dalcour-Zuber, calling him a good father who just needed a slew of parenting classes.

Jayceon’s mother, Jamecia Taylor, and other family members had called the infant’s death an accident.

Jamecia Taylor also pleaded with Dallas County jurors who convicted her 25-year-old boyfriend that she wanted him to come home because he “still had other kids to raise.”

Ben Wilkins, program director of Dallas CASA, blamed love and shock for stifling Taylor’s sensibilities with regards to the crime Javeon Dalcour-Zuber had committed.

“When you love someone, you always believe the best about them. You’re also at a place in your life when you’re sort of in shock and not processing the reality of what’s happening to you as well.”

Prosecutor Stephanie Martin countered the claims put forward by the family that Javeon Dalcour-Zuber was a good father who had made a horrible mistake.

According to her, the 25-year-old man routinely abused his infant son as a post-mortem examination showed a healing scalp wound and previously broken ribs.

Martin also argued that Javeon Dalcour-Zuber had not shown any remorse for killing his son while in confinement. The prosecutor told the court that in a monitored jailhouse phone call Javeon talked about disciplining a 16-month-old child by lashing him with a belt.

Javeon Dalcour-Zuber is not the first person to throw an infant against the wall. The Inquisitr is reporting that James E. Johnson left his seven-month-old baby boy with two skull fractures, head swelling, brain bleed, and bite mark.

The 19-year-old had thrown the infant into a wall out of frustration because he felt the child was more attached to his mother than him.