France To Decide If It Will Use Military Strikes In Response To Syria's Chemical Attack

Anthony Carranza

The Syrian conflict has been going on for some time. The recent attack in the suburb of Damascus has taken a new turn. French President Emmanuel Macron said on Tuesday a decision will be made by France to carry out military strikes on the Syrian chemical weapons facilities.

According to Reuters, Macron's government will be looking to determine the best course of action to the Syrian conflict. In addition, the report goes on to add that France will be consulting with the United States and Britain on what to do next.

"In this context, we will continue exchanges of technical and strategic information with our partners in particular Britain and America, and in the coming days we will announce our decision," Macron said during a speech.

Macron emphasized if a military strike were to be carried out it would exclude Syria's government allies and everyone else. However, the strike would be specifically targeted at the Syrian government's chemical facilities.

As reported by Reuters, the suspected chemical attack in Syria left at least 60 people impacted. The exact location of where the assault took place was in the eastern Ghouta region.

The attack has escalated and prompted the possible use of the military. The U.S, Britain, and France are not alone in this situation. As it turns out, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman from Saudi Arabia is currently in Paris for a three-day trip. He mentioned that he was in favor of participating in this effort.

"The use of these weapons is not neutral; it says things about the regime and our reaction to the use of these weapons will say things about who we are," he told parliament.

Macron's response is swift and decisive on this matter related to Syria. At the international stage, Macron is perceived strong and for the most part positive. Nevertheless, the newly elected French president is facing strikes over his ongoing handling of the railway industry, which is owned and controlled by the government.