Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Is Literally Trolled By A ‘Russian Troll’ At Congressional Hearing

Andrew HarnikAP Images

With all the talk about Russian trolls on Facebook, an activist actually showed up today at the Mark Zuckerberg/Facebook Congressional hearings dressed as a Russian troll. The Facebook hearing had a serious, solemn tone, and then the cameras of CSPAN panned to show activist Amanda Werner, wearing a blue and green Troll Doll wig and a Russian flag scarf around her neck.

Mark Zuckerberg Of Facebook Had An Actual ‘Russian Troll’

Hollywood Life says that sitting among the crowd in the gallery of the Facebook Congressional hearing looked to be Werner dressed as a Troll Doll. If you aren’t familiar with Troll Dolls, they are little dolls with wildly colored hair. Back in the day, you could get pencils with Troll Dolls on the end.

Jason Brow of Hollywood Life got the message of Amanda Werner’s outfit and wig at the Facebook hearing. Mark Zuckerberg was being trolled by a Russian Troll.

“Turns out, there was ‘Russian Troll’ in the audience, as someone dressed up as a Troll doll wearing a Russian flag around their head like a babushka. ‘Troll’ plus Russian flag equals ‘Russian Troll.’ Amazing!”

Twitter went crazy, trying to figure out why someone in the gallery was listening to Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook talk about Cambridge Analytica. The lady was wearing a crazy blue and green troll wig, and then everyone suddenly got it.

Amanda Werner Dressed As A Russian Troll At The Facebook Hearing Blew Up On Twitter

Deirdre Bolton of Fox Business was covering how the Congressional hearings would impact Facebook, and suddenly she was tweeting about Russian trolls. Werner had a serious message, but her outfit provided some levity to the strained situation of the Mark Zuckerberg/Facebook hearing.

“LOL Okay, that is funny. If only all Russian trolls were so obvious! Along with protestors, here is the [person] is dressed as a troll, as in ‘trolling Mark Zuckerberg’ at the Senate Commerce & Judiciary Committee.”

Through Her Live Tweets, Amanda Werner Showed She Was More Than Just A Russian Troll

But according to Mashable, Amanda Werner wasn’t just at the Mark Zuckerberg/Facebook Congressional hearing dressed as a Russian Troll as a gag. She meant business, as she live-Tweeted information from the Facebook hearing.

“Today, Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that Russian troll farms reached 126 million Facebook users. Donald Trump won the electoral college by just 70,000 votes. Since Zuckerberg allowed millions of Russian trolls to undermine our democracy, I assume he won’t mind if one Russian troll undermines his credibility.”

And this isn’t Werner’s first rodeo, as she also showed up at the Senate Equifax hearing wearing a Monopoly Man costume. Werner’s costumes are bringing more attention to the way our private information is being shared online through Facebook and credit services.