Jamie Allman: St. Louis Reporter Who Threatened To ‘Ram A Hot Poker Up David Hogg’s A**’ Resigns

Andrew HarnikAP Images

Jamie Allman, the St. Louis TV and radio personality who threatened to “ram a hot poker up David Hogg’s a**,” has either resigned or been fired, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch is reporting.

Allman had, for years, hosted his own opinion and commentary show on St. Louis’ ABC affiliate, KDNL-TV, called The Allman Report, as well as a radio show on local conservative talk radio station KFTK.

The Allman Report on KDNL, however, is no more.

Ronn Torossian, a spokesperson for Sinclair Broadcast Group, which owns the station where Allman had formerly worked, confirms that Allman will no longer appear on the channel.

“His show is canceled and he is off the air immediately.”

It is not clear, however, if Allman’s show on KFTK will continue. The radio station is affiliated with the Fox News network, and as such, generally hosts conservative commentators such as Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, and Brian Kilmeade, and shows such as “Coast to Coast AM with George Noory,” and “This Morning, America’s First News with Gordon Deal.” Calls for comment to KFTK from local media outlets have not been returned, as of this writing.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Allman had tweeted on March 26 that he wanted to “ram a hot poker up David Hogg’s a**,” referring to the 17-year-old Parkland school shooting survivor who has since become an outspoken gun control advocate.

The tweet went largely unnoticed at the time — and in fact, it was posted two days before nationally-syndicated talk show host Laura Ingraham also posted negatively about Hogg. Specifically, she accused the teen of “whining” about his college applications being rejected. The tweet created something of an uproar, with advertisers leaving the show. Ingraham later apologized and took a sudden “vacation” for a week.

On April 5, however, Allman’s tweet caught the attention of Missouri Representative Stacey Newman (D-St. Louis), who called on advertisers to boycott Allman’s show.

And boycott they did: a St. Louis Ruth’s Chris Steak House franchisee, and local businesses the Gellman Team and PALM Health, all pulled their advertising from the show.

Meanwhile, Allman at some point set his Twitter account to “Private,” meaning that only users that he specifically approved could view his tweets.

In a statement, Newman thanked KDNL’s owners for removing Allman from their channel.

“I’m amazed at the outcry. We’ve had people all over Missouri (and) all over the country weighing in on this… it’s heartwarming to know that tons of people throughout the state understand this is not acceptable. Even though we hadn’t asked for his removal or resignation, (Sinclair) took it upon themselves. People know where the line is.”

Yahoo News writer Tim Molloy notes that David Hogg has become an “object of derision” among some conservatives for his advocacy for gun control in light of the Parkland shooting. He also suggests that the firing of Allman is somewhat surprising, considering that Sinclair Broadcasting came under fire recently for requiring dozens of local news anchors to “read a script bashing the news media and echoing talking points from [Donald] Trump.”