Photo Captures Woman Almost Hit By Train

On Sunday, a woman in New York came moments away from being hit by a train. Luckily, someone was there to take a picture.

The unnamed woman reportedly had a seizure before falling onto the train tracks in the New York subway. At the last minute, the driver saw her and slammed the brakes.

The photo was taken by Humans Of New York and has quickly become and internet sensation. The caption under the photo tells the whole story:

“I was on the G-Train heading north through Brooklyn when the train abruptly stopped before the Hoyt-Schermerhorn station. The conductor shut down the power of the train, and held us there for about 20 minutes. When we finally pulled into the station, a breathless woman entered my car. ‘A woman had a seizure and fell on the tracks!’ she said, excitedly. ‘And a train was coming into the station! Luckily the driver noticed and slammed on the brakes.’ She pulled out her phone to show just how close the train had come to hitting the woman.

Supposedly, after the last few incidents, the MTA has been urging its drivers to be hyperaware when entering stations. Looks like a life was saved today by one driver who took the warning to heart.”

Mashable spoke with Humans Of New York about the authenticity of the photo. Their response:

“Completely authentic.”

Here is the photo to judge for yourself:


There have been a number of recent subway deaths, so it’s nice to hear about a life saved for once.

What do you think? Does the picture look authentic?