Ozzy Osbourne Gives Up Driving For Good Over Fears Of Being Sued

Kevin WinterGetty Images

Ozzy Osbourne is done being a driver. The 69-year-old rock legend has reportedly hung up his car keys for good after a minor fender bender in his Ferrari. Ozzy’s son, Jack Osbourne, told the U.K.’s Daily Mirror that the Black Sabbath frontman had already cut way back on his driving, but a minor accident finally pushed him to give up his driving privileges for good.

“He had a little bumper kiss on the freeway with someone and he was like ‘you know, I don’t want to drive anymore’. He was already driving less and less,” Ozzy’s son said.

Jack Osbourne went on to say that his famous dad doesn’t want the responsibility that comes with driving.

“I think he is of that mindset he’d rather not have the responsibility. Think about it – Ozzy bumps someone and it is like next thing you know we are going to sue for a billion – because people are silly. His thing was more like ‘I don’t want to be liable, that’s it.’”

Ozzy Osbourne had a long road to even get a driver’s license. The Daily Mirror reports that the “Crazy Train” singer only earned his license in 2009 at age 60. Last year, Ozzy revealed he once fell asleep during a driving test and failed many others because he was “so out of it” during his drug days.

Ozzy, who was once so nervous about a driving test that he took tranquilizers before getting behind the wheel, told Q Magazine (via Planet Rock), “On one occasion I nodded off during the test. When I woke up there was a note on the seat saying ‘You have failed.’”

At the time, Ozzy revealed that despite his 30-year quest to get an American driver’s license, he hadn’t really driven much over the past four years. Ozzy’s wife, Sharon Osbourne, has long said that the rocker is an “awful” driver and that she didn’t want him on the road.

According to Blabbermouth.net, in 2010 Ozzy Osbourne rear-ended a Mercedes at the entry of a Los Angeles highway. The damage was minor and there were no injuries, but Sharon Osbourne later revealed that the guy her husband hit happened to be a lawyer.

During a discussion on her CBS chatfest, The Talk, Sharon recalled that Ozzy had only recently passed his driving test when the accident occurred.

“Every guy’s dream from being a kid, they’ve wanted to have a Ferrari. So he goes and gets himself one. It had 20 miles on the clock, he goes, ‘I’m going driving.’ He goes out, gets lost, doesn’t know where he is and he hits another car. But the guy he hits is a lawyer… This guy was being really lawyer-like, asking questions, being really strict…And Ozzy says, ‘Jeez, it’s just my luck, I hit Perry Mason.’”

According to a New York Daily News report, Ozzy also detailed the incident at a press conference for his documentary God Bless Ozzy Osbourne back in 2011. After Jack Osbourne revealed that Ozzy “got a Ferrari and crashed it the next day,” the Prince of Darkness added, “I had to be a rock star and buy the f***ing Ferrari. And 15 minutes later there’s the lawyer and he’s like Perry Mason, and I’m like ‘Don’t touch my car or I’ll get the police!’”

While the Ferrari crash was minor, Ozzy Osbourne had a major vehicle scare 15 years ago when he crashed an ATV on his estate. The rocker suffered serious injuries and nearly died.

Take a look at the video below for more on Ozzy Osbourne’s ill-fated Ferrari.