WWE ‘Raw’ Results: Injured Superstars Return To ‘Raw’ To Surprise Fans

It was just one night after WWE’s WrestleMania 34 pay-per-view but there were plenty of surprises for fans to witness. That included two WWE superstars who had been injured making their anticipated returns to the red brand. Both Jeff Hardy and Samoa Joe decided to show up and make statements after not appearing on “the grandest stage of them all.” Here are the latest details on these returns and what’s next for these superstars.

During the first third of the Monday Night Raw episode results, fans saw a segment involving the new Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins, according to ProWrestling. He would discuss the big win after several years of ups and downs. Rollins also noted that he now completed the trifecta, as he became the third and final member of The Shield to become a Grand Slam champion. Rollins was soon interrupted by Finn Balor who came out to lay claim to a shot at the title, as he never officially lost last night.

Before they could set something up, former Intercontinental Champion The Miz came to the ring and demanded a rematch for the title at WWE Backlash PPV. Miz then suggested that he and The Miztourage take on Rollins and Balor. With it seeming like a 3-on-2 situation, Jeff Hardy’s music hit and he rushed to the ring to back up Seth and Finn. Later on, there would be a six-man tag match booked featuring these superstars in the ring as the main event match on the Raw after WrestleMania 34.

In a later segment on Raw, fans saw Roman Reigns get into the ring to discuss what happened last night in his main event loss at WrestleMania 34. He said he still isn’t sure what exactly happened yesterday. Reigns brought up that it sounded like Brock Lesnar was leaving for the UFC last week, but now, as of today, he had signed a new deal with WWE. Roman also said he just learned he will have to fight Brock once again inside a steel cage match at this month’s Greatest Royal Rumble event. He vowed to leave as the new WWE Universal Champion from that big match.

Before Reigns could leave the ring, Samoa Joe’s music hit. “The Samoan Bulldozer” arrived out onto the stage with a mic in hand. He talked about how Reigns has come up short against Brock Lesnar once again. Joe said he expects the same thing to happen at the Greatest Royal Rumble and that once Brock has destroyed him in that steel cage, he’ll be next in line. Joe said he’ll officially put Reigns to sleep at Backlash pay-per-view. With that, it appears a match has been set and it could involve the Universal title if Reigns wins it this month.

As far as Jeff Hardy goes, it appears he’s possibly entering the WWE Intercontinental title picture based on teaming up with Rollins and Balor. There have been rumors floating around that Jeff might win WWE’s Money in the Bank later this year, so stay tuned for the possibility of big things for Matt’s brother Nero.