Melania Trump Surprises With Unexpected Look In Form-Fitting Skirt And Sweater

Manuel Balce CenetaAP Images

Melania Trump surprised many people with an unexpected look in a form-fitting skirt and sweater on Monday. The first lady spent the day speaking to middle school students at the White House sporting a style that was a departure from typical glamorous one. Her clothes were casual, but stylish nonetheless.

PopSugar reports that the first lady opted for the kind of look that “might be familiar to young children — something a school teacher might wear, perhaps.” Melania wore a dark-wash denim skirt with a tasseled zipper down the center, red contrast stitching, and symmetrical pockets. She coordinated it with a bright-red long-sleeved sweater. She finished the look with a pair of matching red pumps.

Melania Trump is notoriously seen in lustrous pencil skirts and polished slacks. She’s occasionally seen in casual attire, but denim isn’t something Melania normally turns to. Popsugar notes in its report that Melania “aimed to surprise” in this instance.

Daily Mail reveals that the red sweater Melania wore is a $245 Cashmere Rollneck Sweater by Ralph Lauren. The label is one of Melania’s favorites.

The first lady also had on light nail polish and wore her hair down parted in the middle.

Melania Trump was joined by Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos in the Blue Room of the White House to talk with students about their daily struggles and challenges.

Melania Trump Stuns In Denim And Red Sweater
First lady Melania Trump surprised with her denim look while speaking with middle school students at the White House about their daily struggles on Monday, April 9.Featured image credit: Manuel Balce CenetaAP Images
Melania Trump Surprises With Denim Look
Melania Trump speaking with students at the White House on Monday, April 9.Featured image credit: Manuel Balce CenetaAP Images

Melania began by asking students to write a word describing how they felt. She wrote “excited” on a board and informed the students that she felt “very excited” because she was thankful to them for showing up so they could have a conversation. From that point, the kids took turns getting up and writing their emotions on the board. Among some of the words students wrote down were “respected,” “grateful,” “responsible,” and “nervous.” One of the students felt embarrassed after accidentally spilling a glass of water, but Melania was there to reassure him that it was “okay” because it was “just water.”

Melania Trump’s look on Monday may have surprised people due to its relaxed nature, but it maintained the smart style she’s famous for possessing.