Giraffe Breaks Car Window And Shatters Glass After Woman Traps Animal’s Head At Safari Park [Video]

J Pat CarterAP Images

The above video titled “Giraffe’s head gets trapped inside a car window!” has gained more than 70,000 views on YouTube alone in approximately 24 hours since being uploaded to the video-sharing platform on Sunday, April 8. According to the Mail Online, the shocking video shows what happened when a giraffe dipped his or her head into a car at the West Midland Safari and Leisure Park — which is a safari park located in Bewdley in Worcestershire, England – and the driver seemed to panic and roll her window up, trapping the giraffe’s head.

The giraffe put its head into the car window to apparently reach for food, but when the driver appeared to roll up the window and trap the animal’s large head, the giraffe extracted its head and caused the window to shatter all around the animal and the driver. The incident occurred on Sunday.

According to park officials, the giraffe was not hurt after shattering glass all around itself and the car’s driver, however, there has been an investigation launched into the incident. Drivers through the safari park are instructed to leave their windows halfway open in order to feed the animals.

However, the incident appeared to show a window that was fully opened, allowing the giraffe to stick its head well into the car. As heard in the video, those taking the video asked the driver if she was okay — and later said that they would summon help. The videographer’s car occupant began honking the car’s horn to get help.

Concern for the giraffe can be found rampant online, along with comments from people who are criticizing the driver for appearing to roll up her car window — perhaps in a fit of panic at the closeness of the giraffe — even though the videographer noted that the “passenger did have some cuts.”

The videographer also had no idea why the car window was raised, trapping the giraffe. While some viewers are surprised at how easily the car window shattered, others are not — noting that it was the driver’s side window that shattered and not the windshield, which is typically stronger.

“Idiot was in front of us yesterday. The window did not close on its own. If you don’t like giraffe slobber, don’t open your window! It’s not difficult really.”

Others are wondering online and writing in the comments section of the Mail Online report if the giraffe had somehow activated the window closure button.