Tom Cruise Victim Of ‘Swatting’ Prank

In the latest in a series of “swatting” pranks, Tom Cruise is the newest victim. The pranks involved someone calling the police to a celebrity’s home over a major crime that involves extensive personnel.

Police arrived at Cruise’s home, responding to a fake report of robbery. The call, received just before noon, turned out to be bogus, as cops found nothing wrong on the property. Neither Cruise, nor anyone else even suspicious, had been found on the scene.

The Beverly Hills Police Department made a statement:

“It was determined the residence belonged to Actor Tom Cruise, and no emergency was discovered. Neither Mr. Cruise nor his family were home when the emergency was reported. Beverly Hills Police Department Detectives will be investigating the incident as a crime due to the false report.”

In October, police also stormed the home of Ashton Kutcher after a shooting had been reported there and discovered they’d been “punk’d”, says E! Online.

A week later, police responded to another call at Justin Bieber’s house and discovered that the whole thing with a prank once more. A juvenile was arrested for allegedly “swatting” both Justin Bieber and Ashton Kutcher’s homes. And apparently, the young one involved in those pranks was not the only one doing it as the most recent case dictates.

Swatting prank

“Swatting” calls incidentally put the public in harm’s way in that first responders are called to divert their attention and resources away from legitimate emergencies over a fake threat, says Gossip Cop.

The prankster involved in Tom Cruise’s home has yet to be found or identified.