Russell Crowe’s Leather Jockstrap Goes For $7,000 At ‘Art Of Divorce’ Auction

Mark MetcalfeGetty Images

Russell Crowe just sold what has probably become the most expensive jockstrap in the world. The New Zealand-born actor sold the leather jockstrap that he wore in the movie Cinderella Man at his “Art Of Divorce” auction for $7,000, 10 times more that its actual value, BBC News reports.

As E! Online notes, the auction was meant to commemorate Crowe’s divorce from Danielle Spencer. Crowe and Spencer split up five years ago, but they’re not officially divorced as yet. They’re getting close to the finish line and that may have spurred Crowe to host this auction.

Crowe has previously said that he added the jockstrap as a joke, but it soon became one of the auction’s most popular items.

“I put it in the collection as a piece of whimsy and a bit of a gag,” he said in an interview with Good Morning Britain. “Funny enough, it’s garnered a lot of attention.”

Besides the jockstrap, the Oscar-winning actor also put art, furniture, and other mementos from his marriage up for auction. E! reports that Crowe auctioned 200 items at the event hosted by Sotheby’s Australia. The auction was streamed live on Facebook and took place on April 7, which is Crowe’s birthday and the date of his anniversary.

After the “Art of Divorce,” Crowe tweeted that the event made $4 million. Not bad for a jockstrap and some furniture and art. Then again, the items all belonged to a world famous actor, which undoubtedly inflated the price.

But that’s not to say the individual items, beside the jockstrap, didn’t have any value.

“The Russell Crowe Collection comprises important paintings by some of Australia’s most significant historic, modern and contemporary artists, furniture, movie memorabilia, musical instruments, watches and sporting memorabilia,” Sotheby’s Australia said of the auction on their website, E! reports.

The Cinderella Man jockstrap wasn’t the only piece of movie memorabilia that Crowe auctioned off. He also sold a piece from the movie that arguably made him famous, Gladiator. At “Art of The Divorce,” the actor auctioned the armor that he wore during the movie. According to E!, it was valued at $20,000 to $30,000, but it sold for $125,000. Crowe also sold the Leandro Bislach violin he played in Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World for $135,000. The costume he wore in the movie sold for $135,000.

According to BBC News, Crowe also auctioned art by renowned Australian artists like Sidney Nolan and Margaret Olley. One piece called “The Suitor,” by Charles Blackman, was sold for $360,000. Russell Crowe was at the auction and the crowd sang “Happy Birthday” to him. Not a bad way to “celebrate” your divorce.