Woman Gives Birth To 'Teenage' Baby Girl After Using Donated Embryo, The 'Daily Mail' Reports

A couple in Georgia has given birth to a 'teenage' baby after discovering the process of embryo adoption, according to Daily Mail. Nancy and Chris Weiss reportedly spent two years trying to conceive before the birth of their daughter, Luna, three months ago. The Daily Mail reports that the couple has been trying for a child for six months before considering IVF. Five failed attempts at IVF they discovered embryo adoption, where a frozen embryo from a successful couple is fertilized and implanted.

According to embryoadoption.org, embryo donation and adoption is a proven successful process allowing families with remaining embryos to donate them to another family desiring to experience pregnancy and childbirth.

Daily Mail reports, Nancy fell pregnant immediately and was shocked to discover her adopted embryo has been frozen since February 2004. Nancy gave birth to Luna in December and the three-month-old baby who is technically a teenager. The couple is trying to raise awareness of embryo adoption a possible option for couples looking to conceive. Embryo adoption is cheaper than an egg donor but it offers a 50 percent chance of conceiving.

The couple has been sharing their experience with embryo adoption, an option that is not popular. "Trying to explain IVF is hard enough, let alone telling people that our daughter had actually been frozen for 13 years." The embryo adoption process costs less than $5,000, using an egg donor can cost close to $30,000. Nancy and Chris are lucky the first embryo transferred worked given the 50 percent chance.

Embryo adoption is made possible by couples who have extra embryos leftover after going through IVF. These embryos are frozen and stored for later use by couples like Nancy and Chris looking to conceive. The report says couples have the option of donating their embryos for research, let them die, keep them frozen or donate them to a couple who can't conceive.

The National Embryo Donation Center (NEDC) is a Christian pro-life organization which stores donated frozen embryos free of charge. The center matches families to the right embryos; it has received over $3,900,000 in federal funding, according to the Daily Mail. Nancy was reportedly in labor for close to four days before giving birth to Luna. The couple thinks it was fate that kept their baby girl waiting for them, frozen in time for 13 years.