Blake Shelton's Old School Book From The 80s Now Being Used By First-Grader In Oklahoma

Abi Ong

Seven-year-old Marley Parker was overjoyed when she found out that her "new" textbook was previously used by country superstar Blake Shelton. Shelly Bryan Parker, the student's mom, took to Facebook to share a photo of her daughter smiling proudly while holding up the book entitled "Look Away (Keys to Reading)," People reported.

Marley is a student at Latta Elementary School in Ada, Oklahoma, Blake Shelton's hometown. While the first-grader was obviously thrilled about having an item previously owned by a huge celebrity, Parker was not. The mom wrote that she's "embarrassed" about the situation.

The post shows an image of the book's first page where the previous users are listed. Apparently, Blake Shelton was the second to own the textbook, dating back to 1982. Though the book is nearly 40 years old, it is still surprisingly in a good state.

"Marley is excited that her 'new' reader belonged to Blake Shelton, but I am embarrassed!" the Oklahoma mother wrote.

"I'm 40 and these people are my age!"

"I said, 'No, that can't be. I can't believe these books are so old. When I was in school, I wasn't using books that were 40 years old," she reportedly stated.

"I feel like we're going backward instead of forwards."

Meanwhile, Blake Shelton has not yet responded to Parker's post. Parker said that their town is a small community and many people are related to the Voice coach so she's certain that he has heard about the discovery of his old book.

Despite Parker's embarrassment, her seven-year-old daughter is currently enjoying her discovery and is said to be elated that her story has become viral. Parker hopes that her message would shed light on the country's need to raise the budget for education.

The post comes shortly after thousands of teachers in Oklahoma held a massive walkout to protest in the state Capitol for more funding. Educators in the state are rallying for an update in facilities, learning materials, and equipment.

"I just want the state to come to a resolution that will fully support teachers and their classrooms. As a former educator, this is very important to me. But as a parent, this is crucial as I want the best education for my daughter," Parker told CNN.

Meanwhile, Latta Elementary School's district superintendent Cliff Johnson confirmed to CNN that Blake Shelton did attend the public school during his younger years. The 41-year-old "I Lived It" singer has also proudly talked about his growing up years in Ada, Oklahoma many times in public (see video below).

Despite his success in the music industry and television, Blake Shelton still lives in Oklahoma and has a ranch in Tishomingo. The country superstar's latest album, entitled "Texoma Shore," refers to the lake on the border of Texas and Oklahoma--clearly a tribute to his roots.