NASA Mohawk Guy Promises 'Something Fun' For Obama Inauguration

Dusten Carlson

The NASA Mohawk Guy is planning on upstaging President Obama at his own inauguration.

Bobak Ferdowsi captured the Internet's attention as the "NASA Mohawk Guy" when the Curiosity rover took off and again when it touched down on Mars last summer with his faux-hawk styled 'do. He became such a viral hit that President Obama responded to the phenomenon, joking that he was considering getting a similar haircut, reports MSN.

Now, the L.A. Times reports that Ferdowsi has a whole new hairstyle planned for next week's presidential inauguration parade, but he's not saying what: He just wants you to tune in and find out.

"It's a surprise," the NASA Mohawk Guy said in an interview. "I'm hoping people will tune in to find out, but it will be something fun."

Within mere days of his original appearance during Curiosity's landing on August 5, the 33-year-old flight director's Twitter account shot up to over 40,000, and his hairdo was later parodied in the hit viral video "We're NASA and We Know It."

This coming Monday, President Obama will officially cross the line into his second term, and Ferdowsi will join his NASA teammates in the inauguration march with a full-size model of the Curiosity rover. Other NASA-related events planned for the days leading into the inauguration include an open house at NASA headquarters Friday and a stargazing party on Saturday night.

Here's the video for "We're NASA and We Know It" for fun's sake. Tell us what you think: What will the NASA Mohawk Guy's hair look like during the inauguration?

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