Brad Pitt Is Not ‘Devastated’ That Angelina Jolie Has A New Boyfriend, Despite Tabloid Report [Debunked]

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

Brad Pitt is an emotional wreck because Angelina has a new boyfriend. At least that’s according to an article that appeared in a tabloid named Look. The magazine claims that an alleged insider has said that Jolie is reportedly dating an older man and is trying to keep the relationship under wraps. But celebrity rumor watchdog, Gossip Cop, contends that the story has no basis in fact.

“The word is that Angie grew close to him during the sale of her new house… It’s early days, but it’s going well so far,” the source said as reported by Gossip Cop.

They went to say that Brad Pitt is not taking the news of Angie’s new flame well. Look reports that Angelina told Brad directly about the new relationship and it “devastated him.” But Angelina is focused on both of them, “moving on with their lives.”

But Gossip Cop reports that the premise of the story is false because Angelina Jolie is not dating anyone at the moment. Angie’s single status was previously reported by People Magazine and Us Weekly. As we mentioned earlier, Look‘s alleged source said that Angelina and her new “beau” became close during the sale of a new house. But, as Gossip Cop notes, Angelina’s last home purchase was the Cecile B DeMille estate about a year ago. It’s hard to believe that Angelina Jolie would have been able to keep such a relationship secret for so long without substantive proof of the relationship.


We may never know how “devastated” Brad Pitt might be about his divorce from his estranged wife but” E! Online reported in January that he was casually dating. Although they didn’t name any of the women he had been spending time with, their source claimed that Brad is a naturally flirty man who isn’t taking any of these dalliances seriously. Page Six recently reported that there are rumors that Pitt is dating an MIT professor named Neri Oxman, who is also a renowned architect and artist. According to Page Six, Pitt and Oxman met through an architecture project that Pitt was working on.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are currently working on a settlement for their divorce. Back in February, The Blast reported that Jolie and Pitt were seeking to keep their divorce proceeding private by keeping the “temporary judge” on their case. Jolie and Pitt need to settle their custody arrangement and the separation of their mutual assets.

As The Blast notes, most aren’t as long as theirs but the nuances of discussing custody of their six children and the distribution of their wealth could be prolonging the proceedings.