April 6, 2018
Elizabeth Hurley Attire 'Too Revealing' In Pic With Son, Deemed An 'Embarrassing Mum'

Elizabeth Hurley's son recently turned 16, and the 52-year-old actress shared a photo of the two of them together on Instagram to celebrate Damian Hurley's milestone birthday. Hurley captioned the Instagram post, "Happy Birthday to my little prince." She also added, "The light of my life for the last 16 years."

Some might say this was a lovely way for a mom and a son to celebrate a sweet 16 birthday together. While some did say that, others had some very negative comments to share about the mother-and-son picture.

Both Elizabeth and Damian were dressed to the nines with the teen donning a floral patterned silk blazer and mom dressed in her crystal embellished dress. Critics were quick to point out how the plunging neckline on Elizabeth Hurley left very little to the imagination.

Fans who saw this photo on Elizabeth Hurley's Instagram page had a mixed bag of comments to offer up. Some folks were very critical of the actress, whose plunging neckline seemed to get in the way of the original meaning of this photo -- to wish Damian a happy birthday. Fans jumped on this post to offer feedback to Hurley about the way she was dressed in the picture with her teenage son.

According to Yahoo, one fan wrote how they saw Elizabeth Hurley as "using this moment to 'showcase her assets' and focus the attention back on her." Another fan even deemed the Royals actress an "embarrassing mum."

One fan wrote that her dress was just "a tiny bit inappropriate" and yet another appealed to her sophisticated side suggesting, "Your dress is way too revealing for a sophisticated elegant lady like you." She also collected the polar opposite in comments with people awarding her compliments using words like "stunning," "beautiful," and "if you got it... flaunt it."

Fans who flock to Hurley's Instagram page are often greeted with a new photo of a scantily-clad Hurley in a bikini. Sometimes it is a selfie, but in the pictures where Hurley's arms are free and she's not standing in front of the bathroom mirror, the photo may be the results of her teen son behind the lens snapping the photo.

This is something that Hurley revealed recently and it sparked a round of comments from fans. During an interview, she revealed that her son, Damian, takes some of her bikini shots for her. Some people found it rather disturbing that her then-15-year-old son would take pictures of his mom in these tiny bikinis.

Hurley defended her photos by saying that her son is a budding photographer and he enjoys doing this, as reported in a previous Inquisitr article. She also explained that having a bikini brand of her own is another reason you see her posing in her products, which explains the many different bikini photos.Hurley is an advocate for the body positive movement, which is yet another reason she's pleased to pose in a bikini at 52. She explained that her numerous bikini photos on her Instagram page are not the products of an ego trip. Hurley explained the move to Yahoo Lifestyle recently.
"There has been such a big movement in the last few years, which I think is such a positive one. That not everybody has to be 24 and 90 pounds. People are feeling much more comfortable with their own body shape, with their own body type, and I think that's a really great thing. At any age, it's fantastic."