Police Contacted Over Antisemitism In Jeremy Corbyn Facebook Groups

Jeremy Corbyn’s Antisemitism Crisis Deepens Even Further With Police Involvement

Chanel Malik - Author

Apr. 6 2018, Updated 6:40 p.m. ET

Although many Labour supporters did not think it possible, the mess party leader Jeremy Corbyn has gotten himself into regarding his alleged antisemitism has gotten even worse, this time with police becoming involved. A cross-party organization has reported Facebook groups that support the 68-year-old to law enforcement authorities, as they feel that they contain hate speech and even incite violence, thus putting the Jewish community at risk.

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According to The Guardian, the group of peers who have written to the Metropolitan police include billionaire Alan Sugar, who has been advocating against Jeremy Corbyn for some time now in regards to what he and most of the U.K. Jewish community feel is an urgent safety issue. The Conservative Friends of Israel’s honorary president, Lord Polak, drafted the letter.

The letter details the concerns of these cross-party peers, that some of the pro-Jeremy Corbyn Facebook groups go well past the point of free speech, with many of them promoting violence against Jews and those from Israel. These groups, the written statement goes on to say, should be thoroughly investigated by the police in order to make sure that none of their members actually intend on carrying out such atrocities.

Two of the groups cited as being of concern were Supporting Jeremy Corbyn & John McDonnell, and Jeremy Corbyn Leads Us To Victory, with the first containing a post written by a member who stated that Adolf Hitler “should have finished the job.” The latter is said to contain images of New York Times and CNN journalists with the Star of David pasted over them, with users insisting that these reporters are of Jewish faith.

Many Labour staffers are actually said to be members of these and other antisemitism Facebook groups supporting Corbyn, something which has caused quite an uproar inside parliament. Upon hearing this speculation, the party’s top Jewish donor actually resigned and several other members are in talks of following suit.

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This comes after months of Conservative MPs and cabinet ministers expressing their extreme fear of the U.K. leader becoming Prime Minister, with Sir Malcolm Leslie Rifkind admitting that the prospect of this “makes [him] tremble.” Many Twitter users were quick to scoff at this, pointing out that Rifkind himself resigned after being caught offering money to foreigners, and for him to act as though Jeremy Corbyn is a security risk was ridiculous.


These past few weeks have not bode well for the Labour Party leader’s bid to become the U.K.’s next leader; at the end of March, CNN gave detail to a huge rally which was held outside parliament, in which protesters openly accused Jeremy Corbyn of deliberately ignoring acts of antisemitism in British politics, most specifically inside his own party.

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Many of those in attendance told reporters that this was not merely a disagreement in views, but that they were truly in fear for their life if the Chippenham native did eventually come to full power. Retired NHS worker Naomi Stanley even went as far as to say that if Labour formed the next government, she would waste no time in moving to Israel, despite how heartbreaking it would be for her to leave her home country. The situation at hand, she insists, is “serious and dangerous.”

Jeremy Corbyn himself continues to deny that he is, in fact, antisemitic. He admits that some of the friendships he has maintained over the years were perhaps not the wisest, given the rather extreme views these individuals have concerning such triggering issues as Holocaust denial, Jewish rights, Israel, and the like. He has apologized for any statements that may have upset the Jewish community, and remains insistent that he supports human rights for all and would never do anything to ostracize, persecute, or diminish the livelihood of any group.


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