‘Destiny 2’ Iron Banner Delayed At Last Minute, Strike Change For Inactive Players Implemented


Destiny 2 players looking forward to the debut of 6v6 Iron Banner next week will have to wait a little longer. Bungie announced a last-minute issue was discovered Friday that caused a change in plans. Additionally, the studio made a tweak to Strikes to kick inactive players sooner.

The updated Iron Banner was to increase the player count up to 6 versus 6 and make the Control game mode more like the version of Destiny 1. This meant all Control points would be uncaptured at the start of a match in addition to the increase Super ability recharge rates thanks to the recent “Go Fast” update.

Unfortunately, Bungie announced the disappointing news via a Bungie Help post that revealed a “late-breaking issue” forced a delay to the new Iron Banner. Internal play tests discovered an issue where all players in a match would be sent to Orbit once certain conditions with the score and timer were reached.

A fix for the issue will not be available until after the scheduled Tuesday, April 10 release of Iron Banner. The developers elected to go with the revamped Rumble game mode as a result.

A Sunsinger Warlock pops his super ability.
Featured image credit: Bungie/Activision

As previously covered, the introduction of Rumble to the weekly playlist following the release of the Destiny 2 “Go Fast” update was a welcome addition, but included a couple of issues. Players complained the spawn system put players in danger immediately after respawning and eight players in the mode only exacerbated the problem.

PVP Design Lead Derek Carroll addressed those concerns in the weekly Bungie blog post, where he explained the number of players in Rumble would be dropped to six while also modifying the spawn system so players won’t face insta-death every time they respawn.

These changes will be delivered via a hotfix scheduled to be released on Tuesday. Bungie Community Manager Dylan Gafner apologized for the delay of Iron Banner and explained the studio would let the Guardians know when Iron Banner has been fixed and ready to insert into the rotating weekly playlist.

Strike Changes

Destiny 2 players have complained about inactive players in Strikes since the days of Destiny 1. The Bungie Help Twitter account announced the timer for inactive players to be removed has been reduced to three minutes.

Garner explained the developers were able to make this change through a server setting, which allowed Bungie to deliver it without a patch release.

“If you feel this is a good change, let us know. Think it’s still too long? Sound off!” he added.