Melania Trump Used In Humiliating Comparison To Stormy Daniels, Major Backlash Follows

Roz Zurko

Seth Meyers may have thought his quip about Melania Trump was funny when he shared it with his audience on Thursday night, but the major backlash that ensued might have him revisiting that thought today. Meyers was playing off a claim made by Stormy Daniels' lawyer when he dragged Melania Trump into the joke. He did this by suggesting Melania may not know that much about a very graphic topic concerning Donald Trump when compared to Stormy's knowledge on the subject.

Meyers reminded the audience, "The lawyer for adult film star Stormy Daniels said in a new interview that Daniels can describe President Trump's genitalia in great detail." He continued, "Though frankly, I'd be a lot more surprised if Melania can."

It was his punch line that dropped some jaws and created an uproar among Melania Trump's supporters. At least one media site questioned the inappropriateness of this jab aimed at the first lady. This concern was mirrored by many individuals commenting on the articles that reported Meyer's joke today.

The Daily Caller describes Meyer's joke about Melania Trump as a "sex joke" and they question if this jab was "inappropriate" or not. This media site also reminded their readers that this wasn't the first time a "left-leaning late night host poked fun at a conservative woman sexually."

Sarah Huckabee Sanders was Jimmy Kimmel's target around Valentine's Day when he made a sexually offensive joke about the White House press secretary. He suggested that a Valentine Day's card for Sanders might read, "I like my orgasms like I like my news…Fake."

Kimmel's joke also caused an uproar at the time, just as Meyer's quip did this week. Both incidents received comments that compared this treatment of Melania and Sarah to Michelle Obama's treatment by the late-night hosts. Many of the Daily Caller's readers commented that these hosts would never say anything along these lines about the previous first lady. Some of those comments can be seen at the bottom of the Daily Caller article.

Meyers wasn't done talking about Trump's man parts when it came to attempting to get a laugh or two out of his audience. He also said,

"That's right, Stormy Daniels lawyer says she can describe President Trump's genitalia in great detail–and now everybody wants her to sign a nondisclosure agreement. How crazy does it look if you can describe it in great detail? I can't describe mine in great detail. It's normal?"

Too Fab suggests that Stormy's lawyer Michael Avenatti is "everywhere" today and he is sharing that story. There are a few notable names that want to silence the claims made by both him and Stormy about Trump's man parts. At least two late-night hosts and one journalist have made a point to stress they've heard enough about Stormy having a detailed map of Trump's southern parts in her head.

When Avenatti sat down for an interview with Megyn Kelly, Stormy's claim is one of the things he brought up. He shared how some of the details in Stormy's 60 Minutes interview did not make it on the air even though they were discussed. He then attempted to tell Kelly just what was missing.

First Avenatti told her that CBS is a conservative network and the folks there "play pretty close to the vest." He then said, "for instance, she can describe the President's genitalia in great detail. That did not make it."

Too Fab describes Kelly as she appeared to make an attempt to shut the image out of her mind. She said, "We don't need to hear that! My eyes!" It appears these are details some people are far from interested in hearing.

Too Fab also reports that despite Meyers attempting to get mileage out of Stormy's claim with his jokes, he is one of the hosts who do not want to hear the actual details. Jimmy Fallon is the other host who mirrors both Kelly and Meyer's sentiments on that.