Mila Kunis Ad Banned In The United Kingdom

Mila Kunis was featured in a Rodial cellulite advertisement which appeared in the United Kingdom. The text which appeared in the ad recently prompted officials to yank the promotion featuring Ashton Kutcher’s girlfriend.

The Advertising Standards Authority deemed the results claim misleading, according to the New York Daily News. The text in the banned Mila Kunis ad for the cellulite cream reads:

“Get a body to die for with 50 percent off body sculpture for 24 hours.”

The truth in advertising watchdog group felt that Rodial cellulite ad was misleading. The text allegedly could lead consumers to believe the cream would tweak their physique to look like that of Kunis simply by slathering on the cream.

An excerpt from the advertising watchdog group republished by the Toronto Sun reads:

“Because robust evidence was not presented to demonstrate the implied efficacy claims for the product or that Mila Kunis had achieved the look featured in the photo as a result of using the product, we concluded that the ad was misleading.”

The Rodial cellulite ad featuring the Friends with Benefits actress also noted the “intensive formula” could give the user’s rear and thighs the “Mila Kunis Esquire look.” The cellulite cream in the Kunis ad reportedly sells for about $120 a bottle.

The Advertising Standards Authority also banned a Christian Dior campaign ad in October. The images of Natalie Portman used in the Drio promotion were reportedly heavily airbrushed. Christian Dior admitted to “retouching” Portman’s eyelashes to separate and increase the length and curve and to fill in a number of missing or damaged lashed. The alterations to Portman’s actual lashed was reportedly done in an attempt to create a more uniform effect.

Competitor L’Oreal complained to the Advertising Standards Authority that Nicole Portman’s eyelashes had been enhanced. Rumors has initially circulated that Dior had used false eyelashes on the celebrity model.