Justin Timberlake And Super Bowl Selfie Kid Reunite Two Months After Halftime Show

Anthony Carranza

Justin Timberlake performed at the Super Bowl two months ago. There he would use the halftime show to unveil his fifth newest studio album Man of the Woods. On Wednesday Timberlake reunited with "Super Bowl Selfie Kid" for a second photo op and made quite the buzz online.

The Selfie Kid, Ryan McKenna, got the opportunity that many fans would love to have. He got to spend some quality time with the singer and songwriter before his stage performance at the TD Garden in Boston.

McKenna posted a selfie on Instagram and captioned it, "Great time meeting @justintimberlake." McKenna became an internet sensation during Timberlake's performance of "Can't Stop The Feeling" during the Super Bowl halftime show. McKenna tried to capture a selfie with the pop star on February 4 while the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots played their match.

According to People, McKenna and his family got a gift that many would not pass up -- exclusive access to Timberlake's Boston show.

"Ryan and his family were at the concert compliments of Ellen DeGeneres, who gifted the McKennas with VIP tickets to Timberlake's Boston show after the seventh-grader made an appearance on her daytime show," People wrote.

McKenna, a seventh-grader, discussed all the memes with Ellen DeGeneres following his photo op with pop superstar Timberlake.

"I saw all the memes. The iPhone 6 – that thing's slow... I had to get the camera back up to get the selfie."