Val Kilmer Is ‘Unrecognizable’ And ‘Frail’ As He Continues Scary Cancer Battle

Val Kilmer has seen better days. The Top Gun star was just spotted at a Los Angeles movie theater looking frail as ever as he continues his scary battle with throat cancer. Has Kilmer’s condition worsened over the past few months?

According to Radar Online, Kilmer tried to sneak into the theater to watch Pacific Rim Uprising. The actor was spotted wearing a neck brace, oversized sunglasses, and hat as he walked into the theater. He also wore a large parka for the outing and carried around a small bag.

Kilmer has been fighting throat cancer for several years and recently admitted that he underwent chemotherapy. Despite the treatment, doctors were forced to operate on Kilmer’s trachea, which significantly damaged his voice.

Inside sources claim that Kilmer’s friends are worried about his health and fear that the cancer is back and stronger than ever. Even worse, some of his friends think the cancer may be spreading to other parts of his body.

It is hard to tell what’s going on with Kilmer because he covers up his face and neck whenever he steps out in public. We can only hope that Kilmer gets better, but things are not looking good at this point.

“Val’s in dire straits,” an insider revealed. “It seems that once the cancer metastasizes, it’s very hard to control — even with modern science.”

Although Kilmer’s health appears on the decline, he will be making an appearance at Motor City Comic Con this coming May. The Tombstone star will make an appearance for a special panel and will join a host of other exciting celebrities at the event, including Lucy Lawless (Xena: Warrior Princess), Ryan Hurst (Sons of Anarchy), WWE star Trish Stratus, and Jerome Flynn (Game of Thrones).

Despite all the health concerns, Kilmer has been working on several movie projects this past year. In 2017, Kilmer was part of two different films — Song to Song and The Snowman — and has several projects lined up for 2018.

Kilmer’s involvement in Hollywood comes a few months after his revealing interview with The Hollywood Reporter, in which he finally opened up about his battle with cancer.

Prior to the December sit down, Kilmer had openly denied that he had throat cancer. But he finally came clean about his illness during the interview and admitted that he underwent chemotherapy.

Kilmer, an avid Christian Scientist, confessed that his two-year fight with cancer was one of the most difficult experiences of his life and that it left him with a different perspective. He also said that his beliefs helped him deal with the illness and that he re-examined his career successes and failures when he got out of the hospital.

Kilmer has not commented on his cancer battle since the December interview. Fans can see Val Kilmer in action when he appears at the Motor City Comic Con on May 18.

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