Senator Rand Paul Vows To Fight New Executive Actions On Gun Control

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has vowed to fight the new executive actions proposed by President Obama on Wednesday, implying that the president has a “king complex.”

Paul went on Fox News on Wednesday to discuss the gun control plan, saying that he will seek to overturn and nullify all of Obama’s executive actions proposed on Wednesday that “smacks of legislation.”

United Press International reports that Paul stated of Obama, “I’m very concerned about this president.” He went on to compare Obama with President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who proposed several executive actions during his tenure in the White House. Rand Paul explained

“FDR had a little bit of this ‘king complex’ also. We had to limit FDR finally because he served so many terms that I think he would have ruled in perpetuity, and I’m very concerned about this president garnering so much power and arrogance that he thinks he can do whatever he wants.”

Paul’s office provided a summary of Paul’s statements, saying that the initiatives the senator plans to propose will attempt to nullify any of the president’s executive actions that could breach the Second Amendment. Paul added that he wants to make sure he and others will have the legal standing it takes to challenge the actions in the federal court system.

The Huffington Post notes that Paul also acknowledged he could have trouble getting support for his proposed legislation in the Senate, because Democrats currently hold the majority. Paul added, “I’m afraid that there isn’t much support on the Democratic side, but we’ll see.”

Obama’s proposals to Congress about gun control policy were met with outcry from conservatives and several gun rights groups, including the National Rifle Association (NRA). The NRA released a statement on Wednesday, vowing to fight Obama’s administration over the proposals. The group released a statement, saying:

“Attacking firearms and ignoring children is not a solution to the crisis we face as a nation. Only honest, law-abiding gun owners will be affected and our children will remain vulnerable to the inevitability of more tragedy.”

Another lawmaker, Representative Trey Radel (R-FL), suggested that President Obama could be impeached because of the executive actions he proposed. Radel added that “we have completely lost our checks and balances in this country.”