President Obama Kept 72 Percent Of His Campaign Promises, Fact Checkers Claim

President Barack Obama reportedly kept 72 percent of his campaign promises. A new report by fact checkers at PolitiFact maintains that the president has either fulfilled or made substantial progress on 72 percent of the 508 promises he made when running for the Oval Office in 2008. Liberals may lament that that he has not made good on all 508 utterances, while conservatives may feel that he accomplished too many of the items on his campaign agenda.

The Tampa Bay Times ongoing campaign promises fact checking project notes that President Obama fully achieved 47 percent of his promises to the American people. Completing less than half of the voiced promises earned the president at rating of Promises Kept, by the Florida fact checkers. The president was also credited with partially completing 25 percent of another set of campaign promises, earning his a rating of Compromise on that portion of his agenda, Liberaland notes.

Even though 72 percent of the promises President Obama either achieved or “substantially” worked on during his first term in office, PolitiFact also notes that the president failed to keep 119 of his major or high-profiles pledges to voters. Among the major promises not kept the fact checkers list the closing of Guantanamo bay, combating global warming, initiating a cap-and-trade system, and bringing both Republicans together to pass an agenda.

An excerpt from the President Obama campaign promises review reads:

“Obama fared best in the areas of education and health care. He kept 54 percent of his education promises and 48 percent on health care. Most of those were muscled through Congress with the economic stimulus and health care law, which passed when Democrats controlled the House and Senate in the first half of Obama’s term. He also kept a promise to end the war in Iraq, an issue that dominated the 2008 campaign.”