WWE Allowing Ronda Rousey To Perform Banned Gesture On WWE Television, According To ‘Wrestling Observer’

Ronda Rousey is one of the most accomplished fights in MMA history, but she has no experience inside the squared circle. The WWE Universe has been quick to point out her weaknesses on the microphone and as a performer during the buildup to her first match on the grandest stage of them all. Rousey finds herself in a unique position of learning the ropes while also receiving a major push as one of WWE’s top babyfaces. The company has invested a lot in her, so she won’t be held to the same standard as the rest of the locker room.

According to the Wrestling Observer, WWE Superstars are not allowed to shake hands or high-five fans on their way to the ring during televised shows anymore. They can interact with the WWE Universe how they would like during house shows and other shows, but WWE officials have put a ban on them doing so on TV due to time constraints. However, Ronda Rousey is exempt from the new rules and can interact with fans.

Obviously, it’s easy to criticize her for getting special treatment from WWE officials. The reason why Ronda is being given the green light to do what other WWE Superstars can’t is because of her inexperience. WWE officials want her to build a rapport with the WWE Universe, so they’re giving her clearance to break a few rules and use more tricks to ensure that she continues to receive a strong babyface reaction from the fans.

Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey are expected to win big at ‘WrestleMania.’

WWE officials have done an excellent job showcasing Rousey as a fan favorite thus far. The reaction behind the scenes has been mixed, but teaming her with Kurt Angle against Triple H and Stephanie McMahon was a perfect move to cement her role as a babyface on WWE programming. Another report from the Wrestling Observer claims that Rousey will be submitting Stephanie or The Game on the grandest stage of them all.

WWE officials have made all the right moves to get the fans on her side heading into WrestleMania 34. The real challenge will be keeping her over as a babyface once she starts competing against respected wrestlers in the Women’s division. The WWE Universe can be fiercely loyal to certain performers when they feel they are being buried. If the powers that be are not careful with Ronda Rousey’s booking, it’s will a lot take more than shaking hands during her entrances and some other tricks to keep her over as a babyface long-term.

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