Justin Bieber Putting Fate Of Selena Gomez Romance In Her Hands Amid The Weeknd Diss, Claims 'Hollywood Life'

Justin Bieber is letting Selena Gomez call the shots as far as their romance is concerned, it has been claimed.

The "Sorry" singer, who was reportedly dumped by his on-again, off-again girlfriend over her family's disapproval of the relationship, is still said to have strong feelings for the 25-year-old, Hollywood Life claims.

The outlet notes that Bieber is looking to move on with anybody else; he's patiently waiting for Selena to get back with him, but the only thing that he doesn't know is when that day will come.

Justin Bieber believes that Selena is very much still in love with him as he is with her, with sources adding that the Biebs finds it hard to approach Gomez given that her family isn't happy with the fact that the duo had been in contact again.

Instead of nagging Selena about their future together, Justin Bieber is giving Gomez all the space that she needs to figure out how she wants to move forward with her life, but sources continue to stress that the "Come & Get It" hitmaker still has feelings for her ex-beau.

Last month, it was heavily reported that, because of Justin Bieber's previous actions towards Gomez, her family isn't seeing eye-to-eye with the former Disney Channel star when she had mentioned to them that she could see herself spending the rest of her life with the pop star.

Justin Bieber and Selena have enjoyed a healthy six-month relationship since September, which all came crashing down last month when issues regarding Selena's family were becoming so overbearing that Gomez saw no other choice but to ditch Justin. At least for now.

Insiders believe that there's a clear chance the 25-year-old will want to reconcile with Justin Bieber, but if she does end up doing so, it would be at a time when her family has come to understand that the couple truly cares for one another.

Bieber is believed to have started working on his next album this summer, and given that he's going through a lot of heartache right now, fans on social media have wondered whether the next record will be inspired by his up-and-down relationship with Gomez.